Nagler Foot Center Houston: Get Treated by Professionals for Any Foot Pain

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Nagler Foot Center Houston: Get Treated by Professionals for Any Foot Pain

May 15
22:58 2024
It is time to get rid of any kind of foot issues with easy and affordable treatments

Eighty percent of human adults experience ankle and foot discomfort at some point in their lives. Systemic ailments, including diabetes, circulatory abnormalities, anemia, or kidney issues, are the cause of some of these issues. Arachnodism, nerve entrapment, sprains, tendon ruptures, fractures, flatfoot, bunions, hammertoe, and arthritis are a few other possible causes. The team of podiatrists at Nagler Foot Center in Houston is dedicated to reducing discomfort, regaining function, and enhancing the look of their clients’ feet.The human foot is a marvel of biology. It is a complicated structure made up of blood vessels, nerves, and over 100 tendons, muscles, and ligaments, in addition to 26 bones, 33 joints, and other anatomical features. Together, they form a powerful and adaptable instrument. For example, walking for a whole day exerts a force on the feet equivalent to several hundred tons. Due to this, foot disorders rank among some of the most prevalent healthcare issues that people everywhere face. The specialists at Nagler Foot Center take great satisfaction in giving their clients a comfortable experience. Their skilled medical professionals make their patients’ visits enjoyable and take pride in their well-being.

To treat heel pain in Houston, a patient must visit Nagler Foot Center. It might be challenging to stand or even walk when someone has heel pain. It may make it difficult for them to work and carry out their regular activities. They will receive a diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment at Nagler Foot Center using the fastest, safest, and most efficient procedures available. Unless the heel pain is severe and non-invasive treatments are not working, surgery is usually not necessary. The patients may rely on the highest level of knowledge and experience that the foot specialists at Nagler Foot Center have to perform surgery if required.A spokesperson for Nagler Foot Center mentioned, “To deliver the best level of knowledge and care, our team of physicians in Houston has dedicated their lives to specializing in adult and pediatric foot illnesses, ranging from the most straightforward to the most complicated issues. Our team of podiatrists has years of experience treating a variety of conditions, such as ankle discomfort, foot pain, surgery, and other foot issues. So, we urge you to visit us whenever you feel even the slightest bit of discomfort in your foot.”

If a patient visits Nagler Foot Center to treat foot pain in Houston, then they have chosen to right place. If you need bunion treatment or are experiencing foot pain in Houston, Dr. Sherman Nagler offers a wide range of treatments. With thirty years of experience, he is a renowned podiatrist who can effectively treat foot discomfort resulting from common foot injuries or conditions such as corns, hammertoe pain, ankle soreness, heel ache, and bunions.Dr. Nagler has actively served on various committees within hospitals. Currently, he holds the position of Section Chief of Podiatric Surgery at HCA Medical Centers, making him one of Houston’s most well-known podiatrists. Furthermore, he has contributed his expertise to the Oral Examinations Committee, Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee, Operating Room Committee, Credentials Committee, and Reconstructive RearFoot and Ankle Surgery Committee of the American Board of Podiatric Surgery. Other leading podiatrists in Houston are working with the Nagler Foot Center to cure all kinds of foot pain.

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