Unbridled Energy and Authenticity Galore with New American Rock n Roll – Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask Takes Music Fans by Storm

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Unbridled Energy and Authenticity Galore with New American Rock n Roll – Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask Takes Music Fans by Storm

June 01
13:11 2023
Unbridled Energy and Authenticity Galore with New American Rock n Roll - Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask Takes Music Fans by Storm
With raw and blistering guitar riffs, compelling presence, and a powerful blend of melodies, Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask are proving all their opponents wrong

With the release of their exciting and immersive new single, “Just Be Kind” the talented artist presents a unique spin on classic Rock, interspersed with contemporary turns. Appealing to audiences with his inimitable creativity and brilliance, Alex Goss delivers a heartfelt musical experience.

More than anything, however, the act’s tracks such as “Just Be Kind,” “Blur,” and “Steal Away,” among others are an embodiment of the blue-collar experience. Alex Goss writes music for working men and women. The All-American Rock artist affirms how Jazz and Blues were originally not considered the high art which they are now deemed.

“I always wonder what some of those guys who grew up in abject poverty would think about their music being played at some fancy party on the upper east side. Rock for me has kind of stayed the same. Its for regular folks. Its made by some poor kid with a guitar,” says the artist regarding his music and affinity with Rock.

Goss notes how even The Beatles were all working-class individuals, and today one can see a band in any dive across the country and they are still doing it. The prolific artist believes that being a rocker still pushes one to the edge of society for some particular reason, and how in an age of proliferation of new content, it is harder to find “good music.”

Additionally, while more and more music continues to be produced, everything worth hearing isn’t necessarily digitized. Alex Goss recounts how listening to some iconic old records or tapes allows anyone to get lost and immersed in a whole different musical appeal.

Stream Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask’s new music on the artist’s official music streaming platforms! Follow the artist on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook for updates on new and upcoming releases.


Hailing from Charleston, South Carolina, Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask is the brainchild of seasoned rock artist Alex Goss. With a musical lineage deeply ingrained in his upbringing, Goss draws inspiration from the timeless sounds of the 50s and 60s, immersing himself in the melodies of The Platters, Roy Orbison, Ray Charles, and more.

Raised in a musical household—his father owning a bar and his mother a music teacher—Goss’s love for playing and singing has been an innate part of his being from an early age. While his heart beats to the rhythm of blues and jazz, it was the call of Rock ‘n’ Roll that resonated with him, captivating his soul through the strains of a Rolling Stones record at the tender age of nine.

In an era dominated by endless streams of manufactured sounds, Goss invites you to step away from the artificial and immerse yourself in the gritty authenticity of live music. Venture into a local bar, permeated with the nostalgic scent of spilt beer and liquor, and grab a PBR or a Schlitz. Alex Goss & the Dirty Mask, fuelled by a burning desire to reignite the spirit of genuine rock, deliver an experience that transcends time and transports you back to the roots of the genre – an embodiment of unyielding authenticity.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thedirtymask?mibextid=ZbWKwL

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/@thedirtymask

YouTube: https://youtube.com/@thedirtymask

Spotify: https://youtu.be/aCTTlmOn04c

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Phone: 8435346561
Address:916 palm blvd, 203
City: Isle Of Palms
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Website: https://www.facebook.com/thedirtymask?mibextid=ZbWKwL

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