Custom Reporting AI with No New Apps: Docmo’s Unique Approach Redefines Finance and Compliance

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Custom Reporting AI with No New Apps: Docmo’s Unique Approach Redefines Finance and Compliance

May 31
04:10 2023
Use Docmo’s revolutionary custom reporting solution to streamline, govern, and automate advanced reporting requirements. Onboarding Docmo requires no new apps and takes as little as one day.

Douala, Cameroon – May 30, 2023 – Docmo, a leading provider of custom reporting solutions, is proud to announce the second generation of its innovative software platform that enables organizations to streamline their finance and compliance processes without the need for additional applications. With its mission to simplify work with custom software assets that are cost-effective to maintain, Docmo empowers businesses to reduce manual effort by up to 95% while achieving 100% quality compliance.

 Unlike traditional reporting solutions, Docmo is a platform-agnostic Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product designed to seamlessly integrates with existing ecosystems and any software stack. Its no-code logic effortlessly accommodates advanced business requirements and dynamic content. This simplicity in implementation and management ensures that teams can easily adopt and utilize Docmo, eliminating the need for new applications.

A key feature of Docmo is its ability to enable global content governance, ensuring that teams consistently utilize current and on-brand assets. The system piggybacks the Microsoft ecosystem, allowing templates and content governance assets to be easily accessed and utilized within familiar platforms such as OneDrive, SharePoint, and network folders. By automating repetitive tasks like preparing data and fixing content, Docmo liberates workers’ cognitive load, enabling them to focus on creative thought and value-added activities.

When deployed as a web service, Docmo seamlessly integrates with popular applications like Salesforce and QuickBooks, allowing users to continue their usual workflows without disruption. By simply clicking a button within the application, the connected Docmo configuration immediately begins to produce the requested custom reports, which are then injected directly into the web app for instant access.

for on-premises solutions, Docmo choreographs content from data sources (your apps and files) into custom reports (in any Microsoft app) produced and stored onto your filesystem or fileshare.  The secret is how this choreography flows through Microsoft Excel – where advanced business logic and content are staged – providing an incredibly simple experience. 

“We are excited to introduce Docmo as the preferred standard for streamlining content preparation and delivery processes” said Docmo’s Founder, Lee M. Gilley. “Our future-aware designs and no-code configurations ensure low ownership costs, reduced risk of error, and ultimately unlock the full potential of each business unit by maximizing productivity and compliance.”  “Our adherence to no-code simplification principles de-risks workflows, minimizes the cost of iteration, and ultimately unlocks the full potential of each business unit through maximizing productivity and governance.”

 Since its establishment in 2011, Docmo has delivered intelligent and connected software solutions to industry leaders such as Shell, Harley-Davidson, Dell, Banks, and Lenders. With a global perspective gained from operating in diverse cultural and business contexts, Docmo has developed expertise in a wide range of industries, including engineering, finance, legal, and healthcare. 

At Docmo, security and data privacy are paramount. The platform is designed with robust security measures and compliance standards, ensuring full ownership and protection of sensitive information. With cutting-edge technology and encryption protocols, Docmo guarantees the safety and security of client data at all times.

About the Founder: 

Docmo was founded in 2011 by Lee M. Gilley, a Mechanical Engineer, seasoned consultant, and Advanced Excel instructor at University of California’s online school. Lee is a visionary and resourceful thinker who hails from a beef cattle farm in the South. He is fluent in French after spending part of his childhood in Central France.  His eclectic background has enabled Docmo to provide cutting-edge & revolutionary solutions to industry leaders like Banks, Lenders, Shell, Dell, University of California, Thermo Fisher, Allergan, and more.

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