Norman Currey’s Airplane Stories and Histories takes readers on a captivating aerial journey.

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Norman Currey’s Airplane Stories and Histories takes readers on a captivating aerial journey.

May 04
22:40 2023
Author Norman Currey enriches the world of aviation history and literature with his engrossing read Airplane Stories and Histories.

Airplane Stories and Histories by Norman Currey chronicles the evolution of aviation over two centuries, detailing authentic accounts of notable figures and events in aviation history.

About the Author

Norman Currey was born in 1926 in Scarborough, Yorkshire. He was first introduced to aeronautics in 1941 while at the Air Training Corps. His time there sparked his passion for all things aerial. He eventually enrolled in the de Havilland Aeronautical Technical School, where he spent four years honing his aircraft design, maintenance, and production engineering skills.

After graduating, he worked as a stress engineer on the de Havilland Comet before moving to Canada as a design engineer at Avro Aircraft. With a decade of experience garnered, he eventually worked at Lockheed, helping on the C-130, C-5, and JetStar, alongside doing developmental research for their Preliminary Design department. Post-retirement Currey has given consultations and lectures to the South Korean Agency Defense Development.

He is a certified Chartered Engineer in the UK and a Fellow of the Royal Aeronautical Society with many published articles.

Speaking to Norman Currey himself, “After making my first ever flight on a Vickers Wellington bomber a week into the Air Training Corps, I knew there was no other field of work that could compare to the beauty of aviation. I’ve been unbelievably lucky to have realized my calling so early in life, and all the years I’ve spent dedicated to this profession have not been in vain. Airplane Stories and Histories is the product of years of learning, experience, and hard work. Every detail is made sure to be as accurate as possible, and I spent ample time dispelling the many misconceptions about various events in aviation history.”

Separating Facts from Fiction

Norman Currey combines his passion for the subject and his extensive personal experience to give readers an authentic and captivating source of information.

Airplane Stories and Histories begins by exploring the tale of Sir George Cayley, a fellow Yorkshireman, known to many as the ‘Father of Aviation.’ The author clarifies that while Sir George helped derive the fundamental principles of aerodynamics, such as controlling yaw, pitch, and roll (a three-dimensional analysis of aerial movement), he was not responsible for the first actual flight.

The first chapter details Sir George and his exploits, highlighting the gradual development of his theories that laid the foundation for contemporary aviation. It includes excerpts from his notes and accounts from the people around Sir George, such as his granddaughter. 

Norman Currey journeys through the stories of other notable figures, including the legendary Wright brothers, who helped make Sir George Cayley’s theories a reality, or Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo across the Atlantic, a legend in life and death. He also describes lesser-known but just as important figures in aviation history.

A Gripping Account of Real Events

The author focuses on renowned personalities and gives meticulous and intriguing accounts of major events such as the first transatlantic flight or the creation of the revolutionary Boeing 747.

Norman Currey has the uncanny ability to draw in readers, not just with his riveting descriptions but also with the intricate details. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable about aviation history, but he has also helped shape the existing aeronautical space with his work. Historical accounts accompanied by relevant photographs, drawings, and anecdotes further add to the overall charm of this biography.

Available on Multiple Platforms 

The book is available at Amazon, retailing for $2.99, $9.99, and $15.99 in Kindle, Paperback, and Hardcover, respectively. It is also available on Barnes and Noble and Book Depository. 


Airplane Stories and Histories is a wonderful recount of real historical events and figures in the aviation. Norman Currey’s passion and experience are almost tangible in his writing as he expertly navigates the rich history of aeronautics. It is the perfect read for both aviation enthusiasts and casual readers, with excellent reviews on multiple platforms.

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