Science Fiction Meets Spirituality in J.L. Sears’ First Novel: “2077 A.D.”

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Science Fiction Meets Spirituality in J.L. Sears’ First Novel: “2077 A.D.”

May 02
23:19 2023
Science Fiction Meets Spirituality in J.L. Sears’ First Novel: "2077 A.D."
“2077 AD” is an exciting SciFi set 50 years in the future after a minor nuclear war, an HIV epidemic, endless terrorism, and global warming. It becomes plain to most that the Global Federation cannot achieve world peace without a radical new approach and a recognition that reality has a deep-rooted spiritual dimension in Christ.

Change begins when the leader of a Baroque influenced rock band with a largely secular world following has an epiphany while recovering from nervous exhaustion in the Swiss Alps. He discards his wealth, becomes known as Father James, and sets up the Monastery of Divine Light in Shanghai and on Mars, which works in consort with the Knights of Peace and the Global Federation.

The new science of sociodynamics is used to locate terror groups while destroying their ordnance and arresting the ‘dominophiles’ who lead them. Genetically modified bees, rats that feed on explosives, spyflies, countenance cognition, nonviolent martial arts, and holographic figures are used in defeating the enemy without inflicting injury. However, Roscoe learns from Father James that spiritual enlightenment is the only way to lasting peace.

In 2077 we follow Roscoe Finley as he joins the KOP and participates in non-violent but exciting and dangerous missions to prevent terror attacks. As the story unfolds, we also learn how Rosco relates to Isla and Amelia and how a’ love quadrangle’ forms as his fellow Knight Eric is attracted to Isla.

Meanwhile, a fanatical self-styled pastor sets up the Servants of the Seven Seals to thwart an attempt by the Global Federation to save the planet from a collision with the Bete Noir asteroid. Ironically, an atheist scoopship pilot sacrifices his life to save the world …

2077 A.D. is available now on Kindle and in paperback on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

About the book

This is a gripping tale of adventure and romance interwoven with spiritual reflection on the very nature of reality.

About the author

Sears began writing in his childhood and was paid for a science fiction story, Seen from the Outside in which an alien civilisation visits the earth and decides its inhabitants are too dangerous to be allowed to survive. He decided he would take up writing after retirement as Head of Special Projects at the Institution of Electrical Engineers in the UK where he headed a team to pioneer a new form of electronic publication for the world semiconductor research community ahead of the Internet. During retirement, he wrote 2077 A.D. and became a Christian while doing so. Now 80 years old, he would like to use his novel as a focus for a global discussion on world peace and the relevance of Christianity to the process.

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