Renters Warehouse BW Metro Announces Support for Homeowners and Home Rentals

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Renters Warehouse BW Metro Announces Support for Homeowners and Home Rentals

May 02
22:11 2023

Due to high interest rates and rising home prices in the Baltimore-area real estate market, many homeowners are struggling to sell their homes quickly. The Renters Warehouse BW Metro team has noticed that as more homes sit on the market longer, homeowners are faced with tough decisions about the next steps. 

Keeping a house on the market longer and hoping it will sell has become a costly option. In response to this ongoing issue, Renters Warehouse BW Metro offers homeowners Free Rental Analysis and expert property management services as a profitable alternative to a vacant home for too long on the market. 

Rent vs. Sell Has Become a Profitable Option

Instead of losing money on a home that doesn’t sell quickly enough or at a high enough price, homeowners can opt to turn their homes into rental properties. Even without experience managing a rental home or renters, property owners can generate monthly investment income from the house they had hoped to sell. 

Renters Warehouse BW Metro supports homeowners that choose to rent out their homes by offering a Free Rental Analysis. This process helps people trying to sell a home see how much monthly income they could generate by offering it as a rental home instead. 

Additionally, the company delivers full-service property management, enabling homeowners to move out (locally or out of state) and leave their homes while enjoying hassle-free rental income. 

David Gurian, CEO of Renters Warehouse BW Metro, says, “We’ve seen an increase of homeowners facing potential financial losses with a home that doesn’t sell quickly. The market just isn’t delivering fast home sales at top dollar as we saw a year ago. Our goal is to help these homeowners avoid losing money and, instead, generate passive revenue by letting our experts manage their home as a rental.” 

He added, “We understand that turning a home someone loved and cared for into a rental home isn’t an easy decision. That’s why we take care of properties like they are our own, deliver services that make the homes profitable, and keep in close contact with the owners for as long as they need or want to use their former homes as rental properties.” 

About Renters Warehouse BW Metro

Renters Warehouse BW Metro is the premier leasing and property management company in Maryland. Under the guidance of CEO David Gurian, their team of local and specialized Rent Estate Advisors help everyday homeowners and investors lease their homes or property with total confidence and reduced risk.

Their property managers can take care of everything homeowners need when renting out a property to tenants in Maryland.

To learn more about Renters Warehouse BW Metro and their services for homeowners, visit

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