Golden Suisse – Safer than any bank and currency

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Golden Suisse – Safer than any bank and currency

May 01
16:55 2023

Imagine being able to use your personal vaulted gold as currency, independent from traditional banks and payment systems, and with unparalleled safety and confidentiality. That is precisely what Golden Suisse is offering its clients – a revolution in the private banking industry.

Golden Suisse’s mission is to become the world’s safest and most private bank by prioritizing the safety, protection, and privacy of its clients’ assets. Unlike traditional private banks, Golden Suisse focuses on gold bullion currencies and investments held as client private property. With state-of-the-art patented banking technology developed by Swiss legal and IT professionals, clients can use their personal gold reserves to make payments, transfers, and credit card purchases from anywhere in the world. Golden Suisse’s innovative approach to banking has earned it numerous accolades and has made it the go-to choice for high-net-worth individuals and families looking to protect their wealth and maintain financial stability over generations.

The company’s partners include top Wealth Managers, family offices, smaller exclusive family offices, and trustee offices. With Golden Suisse, clients enjoy advantages such as safer than banking deposits, instant transfers 24/7/365, worldwide payments, worldwide access to Swiss vaulted gold, independence from bank sector risks, dedicated personal managers for HNWI clients, bullion deposits and withdrawals, and legitimate privacy.

Golden Suisse’s patent-pending technology is based on private property law that has an unbreakable bond to constitutional and human rights laws of ownership and privacy, compared to financial intermediaries, financial instruments, and fiat currency legislation. The company’s clients’ gold bullion is stored in secure, armored, and insured vaults in Zurich. Data is stored on private servers deep within the Swiss Alps, ensuring top cybersecurity and compliance with the Swiss Data Protection Law.

The Weitmann family, the founders of Golden Suisse, boasts a rich legacy in both law and business that has spanned across various industries, including energy, real estate, forestry, brewery, construction, and hotels for more than a century. Their association with Swiss banking dates back to 1887 and encompasses the physical holding of gold bullion. Daniel Weitmann, the founder of the company, draws inspiration from his grandfather, Halvar Sundberg, a former financial councilor for Stockholm and a constitutional law professor at Uppsala University. Sundberg was a vocal proponent of the gold standard and citizen rights, and his work has influenced the way Golden Suisse operates today.

Golden Suisse’s traditional yet technologically innovative approach to banking has changed the game. The company’s clients can now use their gold bullion as currency and enjoy unparalleled safety, privacy, and protection against financial risks. In a world where financial instability is prevalent, Golden Suisse is leading the way in revolutionizing the private banking industry.

Golden Suisse is a private Swiss bullion bank, operating under the name GCB Suisse AG, and is a member of a Self-Regulatory Organization (SRO) recognized by the Federal Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The company follows Swiss banking standards. With almost ten years of experience, Golden Suisse has been honored for its state-of-the-art patented banking technology. The company primarily serves high net worth individuals, requiring a minimum net worth of 250K CHF.

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