Fallon Industries Now Offering “Product Launch 90” Sales Accelerator Program

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Fallon Industries Now Offering “Product Launch 90” Sales Accelerator Program

April 29
02:14 2023
Product Launch 90 uses a 5-step product launch formula that takes companies from zero to millions.

Launching a new product in today’s highly competitive market is not an easy feat. No matter how unique, effective, or innovative the product is, without proper planning and execution, it can quickly become lost in a sea of similar offerings. To address this challenge, Fallon Industries has introduced Product Launch 90, a sales accelerator program that provides companies with the necessary tools and support to successfully launch their product and stand out in a crowded market.

“Over the past ten years, we’ve seen a lot of companies launch their product lines without success and came to us trying to figure out how to save their company. We found a pattern of points of failure and put together a 90-Day Product Launch System, which ensures our customer has the highest potential for success based on our 5-Step Launch Strategy. We’re excited about this program, and our customers are too,” says CEO Jason Fallon.

Product Launch 90 provides companies with a structured approach to launching, emphasizing market research, branding, and effective marketing strategies. It follows a five-step launch formula that begins with identifying the target audience and understanding their needs, followed by crafting a compelling value proposition and developing strong branding.

The program then focuses on creating a go-to-market strategy, with ongoing support from the team to ensure that problems are quickly addressed. In addition, it includes producing and refining marketing collateral, building a team of sales representatives, and scaling for exponential growth, so companies can quickly recoup their investment.

Product Launch 90 accelerates the sales cycle and increases ROI in a short period while providing a solid foundation for long-term success. Through the five-step launch strategy, companies can effectively differentiate their products from their competitors and capitalize on unique market opportunities to go from zero to millions.

The program has proven effective for businesses of all sizes and stages, from start-ups to established enterprises looking to launch new products or enter new markets. It provides practical and tailored support to each company and is flexible enough to accommodate varying product offerings and target audiences.

Fallon Industries is confident in the effectiveness of Product Launch 90, so much so that they work for free until clients have three retail partners if they do not see significant results within the first 90 days after launch. This confidence stems from the rigorous and data-driven approach that underpins each step of its launch strategy, which has been refined through years of experience.

Schedule a free 30-minute launch strategy call to learn more: https://fallonindustries.com.

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