The application of zinc ricinoleate in cosmetic and plastic

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The application of zinc ricinoleate in cosmetic and plastic

April 28
12:51 2023

Zinc ricinoleate is widely used in the cosmetic industry due to its ability to effectively control and eliminate unpleasant odors. It is a zinc salt of ricinoleic acid, which is derived from castor oil. The use of zinc ricinoleate in cosmetic products is mainly for its odor absorption and odor neutralization properties. 

Here are some of the applications of zinc ricinoleate in the cosmetic industry:

1,Deodorants: Zinc ricinoleate is used in deodorant products such as sprays, roll-ons, and sticks to absorb and neutralize odor-causing compounds.

2,Antiperspirants: Zinc ricinoleate is used in antiperspirant products to control perspiration and prevent body odor. It acts by absorbing sweat and trapping odor-causing compounds.

3,Oral care products: Zinc ricinoleate is used in toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath fresheners to mask bad breath and neutralize odor-causing compounds in the mouth.

4,Skincare products: Zinc ricinoleate is used in skincare products such as creams and lotions to absorb and neutralize odors, especially those caused by bacteria.

Zinc ricinoleate can be used in the production of various plastic products, including PVC products, as a lubricant, plasticizer, and release agent.

1,As a lubricant, zinc ricinoleate can improve the flow and workability of the plastic during processing by reducing the friction between the polymer chains. This results in easier processing and molding of the plastic product.

2,As a plasticizer, zinc ricinoleate can increase the flexibility and durability of the plastic product. It helps to reduce the rigidity of the plastic and increase its elasticity, making it less brittle and more resistant to breaking.

3,As a release agent, zinc ricinoleate can prevent the plastic from sticking to the molds during the production process. This helps to ensure that the final products have a smooth and uniform surface finish.

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