Connected Way Launches Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition, Revolutionizing Secure File-Sharing for Android Devices

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Connected Way Launches Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition, Revolutionizing Secure File-Sharing for Android Devices

April 28
01:18 2023
Connected Way announces the release of Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition, offering
unparalleled enterprise features for Android users. With a focus on security and confidentiality, this advanced file-sharing application ensures data protection and seamless integration with Active Directory Domain-based authentication and distributed file systems

Austin, TX – Connected Way ( proudly unveils the new release of their Spirit Cloud for Android network file-sharing application ( The Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition offers state-of-the-art enterprise features that set it apart from other Android SMB clients on the market. 

Key features of Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition include:

Enterprise-Level Confidentiality: Utilizing AES-128 encryption technology, Spirit Cloud ensures confidential communication between applications and file servers in both client and server modes.

Enterprise-Level Integrity: Spirit Cloud supports the latest integrity protection, enabling secure message signing and preventing unauthorized traffic injection. 

Enterprise-Level Authentication: With single sign-on and Active Directory Domain-based authentication, Spirit Cloud allows users to securely access files within the domain using shared tickets.

Domain-Based Distributed File System: Supporting Active Directory Domain-based distributed file systems, Spirit Cloud enables access to multiple domain-wide virtual file systems, bringing private cloud capabilities to the mobile space.

Configuration Security: Spirit Cloud guarantees the confidentiality of all configuration data, ensuring secure information remains inaccessible even to those with physical access to the device.

Android Scoped Storage: Unlike most Android SMB clients, Spirit Cloud exclusively exposes network content within Android’s scoped storage (SAF), providing an added layer of security for users.

Connected Way understands the importance of data security and ownership, and Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition demonstrates the company’s commitment to providing users with a secure and reliable solution for managing and accessing their data.

Try Spirit Cloud Enterprise Edition today and experience enterprise-level storage for mobile devices at an unbeatable price. Transform your mobile device into a secure 2TB storage solution for the cost of a cup of coffee.

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