RLD.DAO’s ambition: to be a revolutionary presence in the crypto

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RLD.DAO’s ambition: to be a revolutionary presence in the crypto

June 28
05:59 2022
RLD.DAO takes decentralization to extreme levels, awakening revolution!——《RLD. Dao declaration》

With the noise, Chaplin’s excited speech, known as the most daring political declaration in history, shouted the slogan “Fight For Liberty” in the era of Nazism, inspiring the people to reflect, resist, and inspire. People took off their masks one after another, giving them a kind of spiritual strength, like a new life.

This is the ending fragment of the movie “The Great Dictator”, and it is also the core concept of the RLD.DAO project. Take off the mask and look directly at power and injustice, fight against, and enjoy everything in this world fairly.

RLD.DAO works step by step. Early BTC evangelists discussed and implemented projects on Discord/Telegram/Twitter, conducted multiple rounds of CK audits, and silently completed the concept of RLD.DAO. From the birth of the project to the current period of slow expansion, RLD.DAO has gradually accumulated a group of members with common beliefs and emotions, called “believers”.

At this moment, we have awakened the revolutionary consciousness of the people. The combination of ideological blessings, believers’ support, and equal wealth theory has quickly aroused heated discussions in major communities.

RLD.DAO brings a brand new idea and provocatively announces to the world:

Revolution starts now!

What is RLD.DAO? Is it the new form of DAO?

In terms of business logic, RLD is the first DAO organizational ecological product built on the HOTPOT platform using the Bonding Curve coinage model. From the product point of view, it is the best place to collectively build and fund digital infrastructure in the form of DAO.

But RLD.DAO is more like a DAO ecological-level product, which is all-encompassing.

More than a decade ago, the subprime mortgage crisis and the European debt crisis swept the world. More and more governments chose to use currency expansion to deal with the crisis, which led to inflation and competitive currency devaluation. The historical opportunity for the rise of centralized finance. Later, people put the decentralized Crypto idea into practice through DAO:

• PeopleDAO’s bid for a copy of the U.S. Constitution is a good story

• AssangeDAO runs the call to save Assange

• The myth of wealth created by OlympusDAO through the (3,3) model is widely talked about.

But the new era requires a new narrative, and “The DAO” 1.0, which only takes one thing as its platform, needs to be upgraded urgently. The escalation of ideology is often the most fanatical. RLD.DAO uses a new manifesto, complete community governance, decentralized transaction mechanism, private key destruction, and an inclusive economic model to bring RLD.DAO’s decentralized ideology to its peak. This is “The DAO” 2.0 the first step.

What is the economic model of RLD.DAO?

To put it bluntly, RLD.DAO obtains governance credentials in the form of coins (by anchoring BNB), through which the existing benefits within the RLD ecosystem can be enjoyed. The minted BNB will enter the treasury (fund reserve pool), which is equivalent to having a price guarantee for investment.

In order to balance the efficiency and decentralization of development, RLD.DAO adopts a restricted authorization model, with conditional participation in community governance. Constrained authorization allows individuals with specialized and closely related knowledge to perform their work autonomously, while at the same time Still responsible for the DAO.

Among them, all transaction fees related to RLD tokens will also be filled into the treasury as a fund reserve pool. Among them, the taxes and fees generated by the transaction will be returned to the governance members in the form of direct referral incentives and treasury. When governance members sell RLD tokens, they are also destroyed according to the contract. The deflation caused by the destruction of a large number of tokens and the high liquidity brought by the boanding curve model, under the dual stimulus, are an important way to support the currency price.


What is the business logic of RLD.DAO??

The business logic of RLD.DAO is divided into systems, which are composed of taxation system, treasury system, governance system and coinage system. Each system performs its own functions, but they are interlinked and closely linked. These five systems constitute the underlying architecture of RLD.DAO.

1. Coinage system: According to the Bonding Curve (hereinafter referred to as BC) model, the coinage is completed by anchoring BNB, and RLD is obtained.

2. Governance system: Community members who hold NFT enjoy the right to propose and vote on various affairs of the community

3. Tax system: Smart contract transactions will generate taxes, which will be used for community governance and dividend rights

4. Treasury system: rational use of revenue distribution from the tax system to promote the sustainability of community ecological development

Through these four major systems, people will enjoy the collision between capital, culture and products.

Attraction of RLD.DAO?

The ultimate decentralized ideology

The Declaration of RLD.DAO is as follows:

Trying to maximize individual sovereignty

Develop agreements that allow individuals to organize themselves peacefully

Innovation should go hand in hand with the reform of power relations in order to achieve power equality

Develop a benign and mutually beneficial ecosystem that benefits all mankind

Find ways to help the most vulnerable in society without making them dependent

Win the public’s choice through convenience, safety and low threshold

Participate in cooperative relations and form a benign dependence on each other

Create overwhelming value for the majority, not for the minority

Positive skepticism of experts and authorities

Weak joints and balance points of attack power

Everything is based on the governing members

  1. Governance members decide whether projects are invested, run, and eliminated
  2. Governing members have 4 profit methods: RLD value-added profit/investment project profit/release product profit/treasury dividend
  3. Everyone has the right to say “NO”
  4. Community members have the right to decide the development direction and planning of RLD.DAO

What is the ultimate? 100% decentralization is that. This is a new concept, a new height.

The minimalist principle of RLD.DAO: refusing to expand with passion

RLD.DAO rejects passionate expansion and adopts a slow expansion method for a more benign development. Today, when there is widespread concern about security, RLD.DAO has received a good response from the community through internal and external rectification. Externally, the project has undergone multiple audits (the minting platform has also completed audits), and internally, the proposal system has completed a standardized At the same time, the operation mechanism avoids all artificial operations, and all actions are completed on the chain, eliminating all forms of “backdoors”.

Through Roadmap, RLD.DAO is also making a fuss about security and community diversity. In the project development stage, to select targets and allocate resources in a long-term and stable manner, the focus must be focused in order to make big jumps. By planning the Roadmap, we can optimize the community governance mechanism, improve the product experience, and improve the community step by step, so as to continuously improve the value of the token and the quality of the community.

At present, RLD.DAO is developing horizontally, constantly expanding product lines and infrastructure, in order to meet the concept of “diversified expansion” to fill the usability and entertainment of the community. The retention of users by the currency price is one aspect, which can make users long-term. Being active in the community is what RLD.DAO needs to do, because with enough believers, the ecology of RLD.DAO will be more stable, and it can also be inherited and operated by itself.

In the next days of 2022, RLD.DAO will not blindly pursue commercialization exploration, and forget the ultimate concept of RLD.DAO, “directly beneficial to a noble cause or product” is our focus in the early stage.

RLD.DAO’s growth flywheel

Ideally, the more coins minted, the higher the price of the tokens, and the larger the pool of the treasury. At the same time, the more transactions are conducted, the more tokens are destroyed, the market circulation is reduced, and the price of the tokens is reduced. It is rising, and the pool of the treasury expands accordingly. Therefore, RLD.DAO is always user-centric.

Ideally, the proponents and voters in RLD.DAO implement reasonable investment behaviors, which will bring continuous high returns, and high returns will attract more users to participate in minting coins to obtain benefits, and this process will increase The increase in the price of the currency is more conducive to the development of the invested project, because with a higher financing price, the project will develop rapidly, the RLD price will continue to rise, users will get higher income, and at the same time it will attract more More people mint coins… it’s a positive growth flywheel.

Features of RLD.Dao

From the overall operating model of RLD.DAO, RLD.DAO mainly has the following highlights:

1 Complete decentralization: Decentralization from the inside to the outside, whether it is business logic, economic model, or governance rules, always consider the concept of equal rights.

2. Ingenious economic model: The price is supported, the price is dynamically adjusted, the mechanism is deflationary, the market is liquid, and the compound interest effect can be generated.

3. Minimal organizational structure: composed of proposers and voters, the two are separated, which realizes the decentralized operation of all DAO affairs.

In general, RLD.DAO will be the next cryptocurrency revolution. With its advanced concept, it is destined to leave an indelible mark in the world of blockchain economy. If RLD.DAO is regarded as a practice and challenge to global centralization and continues the thought of Satoshi Nakamoto, then RLD.DAO will be a sample in the world.

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