Fitness Experts Reveal The Secret To Loosing Post Pregnancy Weight For Good

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Fitness Experts Reveal The Secret To Loosing Post Pregnancy Weight For Good

May 30
16:13 2022
By Courtney Moane

It’s a tale as old as time, women all around the world are constantly striving to lose weight for a surplus of reasons but tend to fall into the fad diet traps that promise quick results. 

While these types of diets can certainly accelerate weight loss efforts, they don’t promote nourishing the body the right way, instead providing a quick high and fast crash.

Such fitness fads can be detrimental in the current digital landscape that people find themselves in and tend to cause more harm than good.

That’s why fitness experts Georgio Batsinilas and Aaron McAllister decided to make a change.  

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The Fitazfk Gym co-owners and TRANSFORM creators were inspired to create a program for Thessy, Georgio’s wife who wanted to bounce back and smash her fitness goals after the birth of their second child.

After sharing her incredible weight loss journey with her 166,000 Instagram followers, her community was dying to know how she lost weight and transformed her body in just eight weeks…

And thus TRANSFORM was born. 

The concept behind TRANSFORM is simple – 5 to 6 strength, interval, and HIIT based training per week that involves a series of EMOM or Every Minute on the Minute for a total of 28 minutes. 

This along with a detailed food plan, users are guaranteed to reach their goals, drop that weight, and not only look good but feel good!

“It’s super achievable because [the workouts are] so short, and means I can always fit it in with my busy lifestyle working full time while raising two children,” said Thessy. 

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Having tried and tested hundreds of workouts and meal combinations over the years, Georgio and Aaron have compiled the best-of-the-best with proven fitness techniques and an incredible nutritional plan curated by an accredited nutritionist with over 10 years experience. 

TRANSFORM is designed to help users achieve weight loss goals and then maintain new-found habits and momentum for the long haul – not just for the duration of the program. 

TRANSFORM is about helping people feel and be their best,”

“[With] a lot of our customers being mothers [we are able to] help them rediscover their fitness and then take them on a journey so they can realise their true potential,” said Aaron. 

And the best thing about TRANSFORM

Anyone can complete it!

“We have three levels so whether you are rediscovering your fitness or wanting to take the next step on your fitness journey we have you covered,” said Aaron. 

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TRANSFORM has transformed my lifestyle for the better.”

“Before I felt like my body was stressed all the time and was left feeling drained.”

TRANSFORM made me love exercise again and it is super achievable with the time frame, especially as a mum!” said Naomi, a Fitazfk customer.

“What a life changing decision!”

“8 weeks of great good and realistic exercise and I am back to feeling like my body is mine again, I am 5 kilos down and have almost lost my mum tum.”

Consider my lifestyle changed for good!” said Birgitta, another happy customer and transformed woman. 

Whether it’s in the living room, local park, or anywhere else in the world, TRANSFORM will be the home for health, fitness, and creating a positive change for the long haul.

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Trust the process, be consistent, and get ready to TRANSFORM

TRANSFORM today by heading to

Use code FITAZ10 for 10% off TRANSFORM.

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