Klongtom Heritage offering investors an ‘unmissable opportunity’ to be part of the salt hot spring treasure

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Klongtom Heritage offering investors an ‘unmissable opportunity’ to be part of the salt hot spring treasure

May 28
04:23 2022
Klongtom Heritage is looking forward to becoming the ultimate stop for everybody’s health and wellness needs since the discovery of salt hot spring treasure and it is offering the exceptional opportunity to investors to become a part of this project.

KRABI, THAILAND – MAY 27, 2022 – Klongtom Heritage has pinned its hopes on its ability to become a new world-class health and wellness destination with the discovery of the salt hot spring known to be the world’s one-and-only underground treasure that is rich in hundreds of minerals, backed by a high level of total dissolved solids (TDS) measured to be around 11,690. Stretching on a vast area of more than 300 rai, the Klongtom Heritage project consists of ten special zones highlighted by the exercise area, café, hotel, and residence designed to match up with different needs and lifestyles of health lovers. The project also features the world’s first specialized holistic hospital that has applied the use of the salt hot spring to build on the health rehabilitation program in line with modern medicine plus exclusive services of globally accepted standards. Klongtom Heritage is welcoming both local and foreign investors to take this ‘unmissable opportunity’ to be part of the health mega trend and make the Klongtom Heritage project, worth a value of more than Bt13.7 billion, achievable together.

There are many reasons why the Klongtom Heritage project is worth investing in. Krabi is a southern province of Thailand located on the shore of the Andaman Sea. The province is enormously popular for its natural attractions, including scenic landscapes of mountains, stunning sandy beaches, beautiful tropical seashores, and breathtaking waterfalls and caves, which are second to none in the country. However, only a few people know that Krabi’s Klongtom district owns a one-of-a-kind natural treasure that can attract health-conscious tourists from around the world. It is the ‘salt hot spring’ produced by the emergence of naturally heated groundwater flowing through cracks of rocks and their sediments. The groundwater heated and mixed with the deep seawater contains a high amount of salt estimated to be more than 9 grams per liter, together with the approximate amounts of 104 milligrams per liter and 29 milligrams per liter of calcium and magnesium, respectively. It is also rich in essential minerals of more than 100 types, in which sodium chloride is a major mineral followed by silica, potassium, and magnesium carbonate, while the level of total dissolved solids (TDS) is maintained at 11,690, which is much higher than the average level of only 1,000- 2,000 possessed by other hot springs.

As the water temperature in the salt hot spring varies around 40-47 degrees Celsius, it is truly suitable for bathing and soaking. The miraculous salt hot spring also helps stimulate blood circulation, lower blood pressure, relieve muscle soreness, and reduce joint inflammation, while offering relaxation in an extremely versatile form of hydrotherapy, which is believed to treat diabetes and skin diseases as well as nourish the nervous and digestive systems.

The Klongtom Heritage project has therefore been initiated from Klongtom Heritage’s passionate desire to let the world know about the miracle of the salt hot spring as something special for everyone. The salt hot spring is used to complement the treatment of illnesses in combination with modern medicine supported by the long-standing experience and expertise of physiotherapists, regenerative medicine doctors, and medical specialists who have been invited to develop specialized health and rehabilitation programs plus world-class service standards.

Situated on an approximate area of 300 rai, the Klongtom Heritage project becomes more special with ten different health and wellness zones covering all lifestyles and needs of health lovers, where local and foreign investors are welcome to take this unmissable opportunity to invest in the zones they prefer, varying in (1) Community Market, (2) Hotel, (3) Town Center, (4) Sports, Enhancement, (5) Spa Medical, (6) Agriculture, (7) Branded Residences, (8) Resort Residences, (9) Amataya Residence, and (10) Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital.

The first phase will open in June 2022, starting with Amataya Rehabilitation Hospital, a new holistic hospital specializing in physical therapy and treatments of stroke patients, and Amataya Residence, a luxury residential project designed to re-align quality living in tune with the natural environment, with a private salt hot spring pool featured in every unit for everyone aiming for health restoration and energy enhancement in every day.

Emphasizing on the ‘holistic healthcare’ concept is considered a significant factor for investing in the health and wellness industry. The existence of the aging society and severe diseases as well as the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic have prompted people in this era to start paying greater attention to preventive healthcare methods, particularly holistic healthcare for both physical and mental health. This has become a key factor that stimulates investments in the health and wellness market. Several small-sized and large-scale business companies are keeping an eye on this fast-growing business. Many real estate developers have expressed their intentions to invest in the health and wellness market, whether it is in the form of a joint venture or the expansion of new business lines.

According to the report titled ‘The Global Wellness Economy: Looking Beyond COVID’ issued by GWI, it is forecasted that the wellness economy will return to life with amazing leaps in growth when the COVID-19 pandemic is put to an end. The growth may reach up to USD7.0 trillion by 2025, judging from the eleven sectors in the health and wellness economy. GWI has also predicted that the hot spring industry can achieve around $90 billion in revenue in the same year.

From 34,099 hot spring sites in 130 counties worldwide, the salt hot spring of Krabi’s Klongtom district is considered the one-and-only underground treasure that possesses medicinal properties in treating ailments. This is one of the major reasons why investors interested in health and wellness should not miss out on this great opportunity. More importantly, the market value of health tourism in Thailand tends to increase steadily. Currently, Thailand is recognized as one of the top five health tourism destinations in the world, while both medical tourism and health and wellness tourism are gaining greater popularity among local and foreign tourists who have been estimated to spend up to around Bt80,000 to Bt120,000 per trip. This will be special for those of the wellness tourism group, particularly since they are not considered sick people, but seeking a trip to experience new healthcare programs, enjoy local healthy menus, obtain health check-up packages, or attend health therapy courses and Thai massage, which remain in line with the government’s recent policy to promote a brand-new ‘Health and Hot Spring Tourism’ program to be a crucial part of the National Economic Development Plan, particularly for the development of health and wellness tourism. Following the government’s full support, This is an unmissable opportunity for strategic investors to take part in driving Thailand towards becoming a world-class health and wellness hub.

Video Link: https://www.youtube.com/embed/tMJbHR5oKPU

The Klongtom Heritage project is currently welcoming investors and operators with potential, competence, and professionalism in health and wellness to be part of this megatrend after pining hopes on its ability to become a new world-class health and wellness destination.

For more information, please contact Tel. +66 92 257 9089 or visit Klongtom Heritage at https://www.klongtomheritage.com/.

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