Stockton Tree Experts Turns Dead Trees Into Firewood After a Tree Removal Procedure

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Stockton Tree Experts Turns Dead Trees Into Firewood After a Tree Removal Procedure

May 28
04:10 2022


Stockton, California – Yesterday, Stockton Tree Experts spent the entire day working on Kingsley’s landscape. The company was working hard to bring down several trees that had died.


“Kingsley did not understand how the disease that killed his 10 trees moved so quickly,” said the Stockton Tree Experts CEO. “The homeowner told the company that he first noticed the signs and symptoms of a health problem about a week ago. While planning for a tree treatment procedure, his trees died.”

The homeowner reportedly understood the importance of removing dead trees as soon as possible. Kingsley reportedly told the Stockton Tree Experts CEO that at some point he had kept dead trees on the landscape. These trees turned into hazards and almost knocked down a whole section of his house when a storm broke the decaying trees.

“The homeowner reportedly called Stockton Tree Experts as soon as he got his finances together and realized that he could afford the tree removal procedure,” said the company’s CEO. “On receiving the call, the company did not waste any time. A team of tree cutting professionals was dispatched to Kingsley’s landscape to inspect the trees and determine the process that would be followed in bringing the trees down.”

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The team sent to Kinsgley’s landscape noted down all the risks that could affect the process of bringing down the trees. They also noted down the request of turning the trees into firewood.

“Kingsley told the company’s tree removal team in Stockton that he has a wood-fired heater that he uses in winter,’ said the CEO. “The homeowner noted that instead of the company taking the wood generated by the tree removal procedure to the dumpsite, he would like the team of tree removal experts to turn them into firewood.”

Stockton Tree Experts reportedly headed to the Kingsley landscape the next day early in the morning with all the tools that would be needed for the tree removal procedure. According to the company’s chief of field operations, the hardest part about the Kingsley tree removal procedure involved bringing down the trees standing closest to the homeowner’s house.

“For the trees standing next to the house,” said the chief of field operations, “the team had to be extra careful to avoid causing damage. The company used the crane to hold these trees and slowly alter their falling direction as the team cut the tree’s base. By the time the company was through with cutting the tree’s base, the tree was already following a safe falling path.”

The chief of field operations noted that the company went ahead and used its power saws to split the trees into firewood-sized pieces. The process reportedly took the company about 1.5 hours.

“In addition to leaving Kingsley with enough firewood for the next winter,” said the Stockton Tree Experts chief of field operations, “the company also wanted to ensure Kingsley’s landscape was ready for new trees. The homeowner had mentioned that he wanted to replace the dead trees.”

The chief of field operations noted that his team of tree cutting professionals in Stockton ensured that all the stumps on the landscape were removed by the time it left. The company later collected the stumps, sawdust, leaves, and branches that couldn’t be repurposed into firewood.

According to the chief of field operations, Stockton Tree Experts still has its base at 1503 St Marks Plaza, Stockton, CA 95207, United States. The company can, however, be contacted by homeowners at +1 209-340-8642 and [email protected]

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