Hendersonville Tree Service Experts Adds A Bucket Truck and Crane to Its Tree Service Tools

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Hendersonville Tree Service Experts Adds A Bucket Truck and Crane to Its Tree Service Tools

May 27
21:40 2022


Hendersonville, Tennessee – After years of hiring a crane and a bucket truck, Hendersonville Tree Service Experts has finally decided to purchase its crane and bucket truck. The 2 new machines arrived on the company’s landscape earlier today.


“In Hendersonville,” said the company’s CEO, “most homeowners have their trees standing next to utility lines and their houses. For this reason, when handling any tree maintenance procedure—from tree trimming and tree pruning to tree removal and emergency tree service—the company has to be extra cautious.”

The CEO noted that without the necessary tools to make tree maintenance procedures 100% safe, being extra cautious does not always work. He noted that being extra careful is only as useful as the company’s tree maintenance tools allow.

“When trimming a tree that is standing next to powerlines,” said the CEO, “the company’s team of tree trimmers in Hendersonville has to ensure that none of the cut branches fall on the powerlines—even a small branch could cause a short circuit which could easily cause power loss for miles.”

The CEO noted that to avoid such a situation, his team has to lower the cut branches slowly with ropes. He added that while this process can be handled manually, it rarely works for trees with large branches.

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“Oak trees are quite popular in this region of Tennessee,” said the CEO. “Oak trees have some of the biggest branches—a fresh oak branch can weigh over 50 kilograms. Controlling the falling path of such a branch often needs much more than mere hands and some ropes—in such a case, a powerful machine, for example, a crane, may be necessary.”

The CEO told a group of reporters that his company has always worked extra hard to ensure its customers are enjoying the lowest tree service prices. He noted that without a bucket truck, the team often has to rent one or use manual climbing. He noted that both options often raise the cost of tree trimming and tree pruning.

“While manual climbing does not force the company to take money out of its pocket,” said the CEO, “it forces the company’s team of tree cutting professionals to spend more time on each tree. For instance, when compared to using a bucket truck to reach the crown sitting on top of a 100-foot white oak, manual climbing takes more time—on average, manual climbing takes up to 10 minutes while a bucket truck takes a few seconds.”

The CEO added that while 10 minutes may appear insignificant, the minutes can add up to become hours when the company is handling tree trimming on several trees. The CEO noted that when the time turns into hours, the resulting tree trimming cost increases.

“When the company is using a rented bucket truck,” said the Hendersonville Tree Service Experts CEO, “the cost of renting the crane is usually paid by the homeowner. This also increases the cost of tree maintenance procedures.”

The CEO noted that with the company owning its bucket truck, the homeowner won’t have to pay the cost of renting a crane. He also added that since his team of tree cutting professionals in Hendersonville will no longer need to climb trees manually, the homeowners will never have to spend money unnecessarily on extra tree service time.

“The goal of purchasing a crane was to improve safety when handling complicated tree maintenance services,” said the CEO. “On the other hand, the goal of buying a bucket truck was to help homeowners save money. The company looks forward to ensuring affordability and safety.”

Hendersonville Tree Service Experts notes that its offices are located at 165 Indian Lake Blvd, Hendersonville, TN 37075, United States. However, homeowners can contact the company’s offices via +1 615-551-0754 and [email protected]

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