Anaheim Tree Experts Hires New Tree Service Projects Handler

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Anaheim Tree Experts Hires New Tree Service Projects Handler

May 27
20:28 2022


Anaheim, California – After spending years educating homeowners in Anaheim on the importance of professional tree services, Anaheim Tree Experts‘ messages started creating an impact in 2021. Homeowners in the city started requesting professional tree services more often, with most of these requests going to Anaheim Tree Experts.


“Last year,” said the company’s CEO, “Anaheim Tree Experts received 7 tree maintenance procedure requests in a single day for the first time. While the company thought this was the highest number that will ever come through, the number has grown in 2022. On a single day, the company can receive up to 15 tree service requests.’

The CEO noted that although getting numerous tree maintenance requests is a good thing, this is currently affecting the company’s ability to perform.

“With the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Anaheim handling multiple procedures every day,” said the CEO, “it had reached a point where the company could not keep track of the completed projects and the ones that needed to be handled. What’s more, the company was having a hard time figuring out how to schedule the procedures—which procedures need to come first and which ones can wait.”

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The CEO noted that to fix the problems that his company was going through, he had to invest in a project handler.

“The new project handler will be responsible for scheduling tree maintenance procedures,” said the CEO. “He will ensure each tree maintenance procedure is handled on time. This means that the company’s team of tree improvement professionals will no longer need to worry about which procedure comes next. The team will always find the tree maintenance plans well arranged.”

The CEO noted that even though the new tree service project handler won’t be handling tree maintenance procedures, he will be going out to assess the requested projects and assign an ideal time for them.

“Some tree maintenance procedures need immediate attention while others can wait,” said the company’s CEO. “However, most homeowners do not understand this fact. By sending the project handler to check out the trees that need attention, the company will ensure each tree is taken care of at the right time.”

The CEO noted that the company’s major focus will be on trees that are presenting an immediate risk to their surroundings. This will include trees that need the attention of the emergency tree removal team in Anaheim or trees that need immediate pruning to keep them from dropping branches on utilities. Trees that feature a major risk to their surroundings will be getting a response within the hour.

“The tree maintenance procedures that will be kept waiting are those that do not present an immediate risk,” said the CEO. “However, even when it comes to these tree maintenance procedures, homeowners can still expect fast responses. In most cases, the company will ensure that all tree maintenance procedures are taken care of in less than 3 days. However, in cases where the company is not taking care of numerous procedures, homeowners will be enjoying same-day service.”

The CEO noted that when looking for a professional who could take the project handler position, the company reportedly had tree service experience as one of the requirements. According to the CEO, a good project handler needs to understand all the risks surrounding each tree maintenance procedure. This will ensure each procedure is handled at the right time.

The new Anaheim Tree Experts project handler will be scheduling tree maintenance procedures from the company’s base of operation located at 2429 E Ball Rd, Anaheim, CA 92806, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 949-354-6174 and [email protected]

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