Edmond Tree Experts Uses Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning to Save Two Oak Trees from Removal

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Edmond Tree Experts Uses Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning to Save Two Oak Trees from Removal

May 27
18:25 2022


Edmond, Oklahoma – When Edmond Tree Experts was invited by Denis to remove 2 oak trees, the company did not immediately agree that removal was the best route to take. The homeowner wanted the 2 oak trees removed as soon as possible because they were showing major signs of illness. Luckily for the homeowner, Edmond Tree Experts was more than willing to investigate the root cause of the illness and see if some solutions could be implemented.


“The company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Edmond has already come across numerous situations where trees appear too far damaged by a disease that it is impossible to treat them,” said the Edmond Tree Experts CEO. “However, when the company’s team investigated them, it realized that just removing the infected branches could stop the disease spread and give the tree a chance to recover and get healthy. This was the case with the trees on Denis’s landscape.”

When the Edmond Tree Experts team mentioned the idea of looking for solutions to the 2 oak trees instead of removing them, the homeowner was extremely impressed. The oak trees had reportedly been on Denis’s landscape for at least 150 years. Due to the cultural significance the trees held, Denis didn’t want to lose the trees.

“It was surprising to learn that a procedure as simple as tree pruning or trimming could save two majestic trees standing over 100 feet tall,” said Denis. “However, having worked with Edmond Tree Experts for over 10 years, when the company’s team of tree cutting professionals suggested tree trimming, the family knew this could work. Agreeing to change from tree removal was extremely easy—in the first place, no one in the family wanted to lose the trees.”

To see how Edmond Tree Experts helps homeowners, visit the company’s website: https://www.treeservicesoklahomacity.net/edmond/.

The homeowner was further impressed when he learned that the tree trimming procedure would not just save his trees. The procedure was also much cheaper than the tree removal procedure.

“The 2 oak trees were standing in a very risky position,” said Denis. “One stood next to the house while the other stood next to the garage. Because of the significant risk of property damage, the company would have needed to be extra careful during the tree removal process. Making proper tree removal plans for the oaks and implementing those plans would have taken a lot of time. This would have resulted in a higher service cost. Tree trimming and tree pruning, on the other hand, were much easier. Since the company was no longer dealing with trees weighing tons and had shifted to working with branches weighing a few kilograms, they lowered the service cost significantly.”

To understand how tree pruning and tree trimming can save trees, reporters decided to contact the company’s CEO.

“When it comes to tree diseases,” the CEO told the reporters, “diseases start in a specific location—which in most cases is the branches—and then move to other parts of the tree. When you catch the diseases early enough, all you have to do to keep them from spreading throughout the tree is remove the infected branches. Tree pruning and tree trimming do exactly that—getting rid of the infected branches to keep diseases from spreading.”

The CEO confirmed that after removing each infected branch, his team goes ahead and disinfects the wounds left behind. This ensures that none of the disease markers or bacteria are left on the tree. The CEO noted that with the diseased parts gone, trees find it extremely easy to regain their health.

Edmond Tree Experts plans its tree maintenance procedures from its base at Edmond Tree Experts 402 Gayclifee Ter Edmond, OK, 73003. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 405-444-8128 and [email protected]

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