Wellness NASDAQ Company Expands Distribution in Asia and the Middle East with Newly Acquired Minoxidil (Rogaine(R)) and Photoci(TM) Products: Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW)

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Wellness NASDAQ Company Expands Distribution in Asia and the Middle East with Newly Acquired Minoxidil (Rogaine(R)) and Photoci(TM) Products: Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW)

June 29
05:29 2022
Wellness NASDAQ Company Expands Distribution in Asia and the Middle East with Newly Acquired Minoxidil (Rogaine(R)) and Photoci(TM) Products: Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW)
JUPW receives upfront payment plus double-digit royalties on revenues in 31 countries for clinically proven minoxidil (Rogaine®) products Minoxidil Booster and After Minoxidil Spray, and Photoci, a patented topical cream clinically proven to provide relief from psoriasis, vitiligo, and eczema

– JUPW just Acquired a 3 Million Dollar Firm and Started a 5 Million Dollar Share Buyback

– Featured on CNN, ABC, CBS, Bloomberg, Vogue & Forbes 

– Developer of CBD Based Treatments for Multiple Skin Care Applications.  

– New e-Commerce & Marketing Team with Experienced Industry Veterans. 

– JW-300 Treatment Demonstrated Efficacy for Developing Burns (sunburn) in Clinical Trial. 

– Acquisition of Ascent Clinical Research Adding $3 Million Annual Revenue Plus EBITDA Contribution. 

– Exclusive Worldwide Rights to Patented Shark Repellent Technologies. 

– Novel Cannabidiol Aspartame Combination Treatment Significantly Reduces ISGA Score in Atopic Dermatitis.

– Exclusive Worldwide Rights for Unique Formulas Addressing Jellyfish and Man O’ War Stings, Sea Lice, and Swimmer’s Itch with 4 Patents-Pending. 

– Clinical Trial of JW-200 for the Treatment of Actinic Keratosis. 

– $5.0 Million Share Buyback Program.

JUPW has signed an agreement with India-based companies Cosmofix Technology Pvt Ltd and Sanpellegrino Cosmetics Pvt Ltd for the manufacture, sale, and distribution of three proprietary products related to its recent acquisition of Ascent Clinical Research. Jupiter has received an upfront payment and is entitled to royalties of between 10-12% on revenues for the three products with guaranteed annual minimum royalty payments for the duration of the agreement in 31 countries in Asia and the Middle East including India, the Philippines, Malaysia, Kuwait, Morocco, and Saudi Arabia.

About the Products

Minoxidil, sold under the commercial name brand Rogaine®, is the top-selling hair growth product in the world with projected worldwide sales of $1.2 billion by 2024.

MinoxiBoost: Improves Response to Minoxidil for Increased Hair Growth

MinoxiBoost is a patent-pending breakthrough hair booster system used before a daily minoxidil routine. MinoxiBoost helps to support healthy hair growth by enriching the hair and the sulfotransferase enzymes in the hair to give hair the boost it needs. In a 2-week clinical study using MinoxiBoost, published in the Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venerology, people with low hair sulfotransferase enzyme levels experienced up to a 7X boost in their hair enzyme levels.

MinoxiClean: Removes Minoxidil’s Greasy Residue to Improve Styling

MinoxiClean is a patent-pending, dry cleansing system used after a daily minoxidil routine. Removing unneeded greasy residue from hair after minoxidil application, MinoxiClean improves the ease of styling. In a clinical study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, subjects using MinoxiClean reported statistically significant improvement in ease of styling, hair manageability, and reduced greasiness compared to using Minoxidil alone.

Photocil™: Self-Administered Phototherapy from the Sun for Greater Convenience Eliminates Clinic Visit

Photocil is a novel patented topical cream that provides clinically proven relief for psoriasis, vitiligo, and atopic dermatitis (eczema). Photocil acts as a barrier to non-therapeutic radiation from the sun when skin is exposed to direct daylight. With this barrier, Photocil cream empowers the user to access daytime self-treatment from the sun’s therapeutic (beneficial) UV radiation, otherwise known as phototherapy, safely and effectively. Through treatment sessions in direct daylight, Photocil delivers the same benefits of traditional phototherapy with a photo lamp, with greater convenience and access. Before the advent of Photocil cream, phototherapy was only available through a UV photo lamp, most commonly administered at a medical clinic.

“This agreement is Jupiter’s first step in unlocking the massive potential in these three highly innovative products that address significant global markets. MinoxiClean and MinoxiBoost are complementary products that can be sold alongside the estimated 100 million units of minoxidil projected for 2024. Photoci offers convenience and empowers patient self-care for the hundreds of millions of people living with psoriasis, eczema, and vitiligo,” said Brian John, CEO of Jupiter Wellness.

About JUPW:

Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (NASDAQ: JUPW) is a leading developer of cannabidiol (CBD) based medical therapeutics and wellness products. The JUPW clinical pipeline of prescription CBD-enhanced skin care therapeutics address indications including eczema, burns, herpes cold sores, and skin cancer. JUPW generates revenues from a growing line of proprietary over-the-counter skincare products including its flagship CaniSun™ sunscreen and other wellness brands. JUPW has built a portfolio of award-winning wellness brands including CaniSun, fitCBD, Jack, Wellness CBD 1937, Black Belt CBD, and Felix Ambrosia, as well prescription therapeutics such as Photosil that have been featured in numerous media outlets including the Today Show, CNN, ABC, CBS, Animal Planet, AdWeek, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Vogue, BuzzFeed, and Forbes. As JUPW continues to expand its clinically tested, science-backed wellness, over-the-counter, and prescription product pipeline, the new marketing team is set to drive revenues

The results demonstrate JW-300’s potential as either a prescription or over-the-counter topical cream to help prevent sunburn and its consequences including skin cancer. 

  • JUPW to Offer Clinical Research Services with Acquisition of Ascent Clinical Research: $3 Million Annual Revenue & EBITDA Contribution 

On April 27th JUPW announced it has concluded an Asset Purchase Agreement with Ascent Clinical Research, Inc. through which it has acquired certain clinical assets including clinical trial research contracts worth $3 million in annual revenues for a purchase price of 5% royalties on future net revenues generated by the assets. This asset purchase agreement adds immediate revenues to JUPW in Q2 2022 and contributes positively towards EBITDA with no upfront cash or stock acquisition cost. 

  • JUPW to Launch CaniSun for Shark Defense Sunscreen with Patented Shark Repellents 

View Discovery Channel Videos on the Shark Repellent Technology Here: https://youtu.be/Hqp04gdAXyk and Here: https://youtu.be/PM0YTlbx1qg

On April 7th JUPW announced the upcoming launch of CaniSun for Shark Defense™, the latest addition to the Company’s reef-friendly sunscreen line. Through a licensing agreement with Shark Defense Technologies LLC, the leading researcher of chemical, electrochemical, and magnetic shark repellents, JUPW has the exclusive worldwide rights to patents, formulas, and production methods for shark repellent technologies for use in sun and skincare products.

  • Novel Cannabidiol Aspartame Combination Treatment (JW-100) Significantly Reduces ISGA Score in Atopic Dermatitis: Results from a Randomized Double-Blinded Placebo-Controlled Interventional Study

On April 6th JUPW announced the publication of clinical study results to investigate the safety and efficacy of JW-100, its proprietary lotion formulation for the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema) in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology, Vol. 21, Issue 4, April 2022, pp: 1647-1650.

  • JUPW Launches NoStingz Jellyfish Protective Sunscreen Backed by Patent-Pending Formula in $13 B Sunscreen Market

On April 5th JUPW announced the launch of NoStingz, a proprietary line of sunscreen designed to protect against jellyfish and man o’ war stings, sea lice, and swimmer’s itch all while continuing to protect ocean lovers’ skin from UVA/UVB in a range of SPFs. JUPW has signed a license agreement with Shark Defense Technologies for the exclusive worldwide intellectual property rights to formulas and production methods for jellyfish protective compounds including 4 patents pending. The agreement includes future collaboration to develop and refine additional formulas.

For more on The JUPW NoStingz product or to purchase visit: https://canisun.com/shop/nostingz-your-barrier-of-protection-from-sun-sea/

For additional information on Jupiter Wellness, Inc. (JUPW) visit www.jupiterwellnessinc.com.  


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