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May 31
23:59 2022 Asks the Question What Is a Thermal Burn and How Is It Treated?

A thermal burn occurs as a direct result of a person coming into contact with heated objects. Thermal burns result from fire, hot grease, hot surfaces, and steam. These burns range in severity depending on the length of contact and temperature of the heated object. People who experience thermal burns need immediate medical care to stop the damage progression and provide relief from the pain. Those who would like to learn more about treatment should click this link

Understanding the Categories of Thermal Burns

In burn centers across the country, around 85% of all burns are thermal burns, according to There are six classifications of thermal burns. Understanding these classifications is essential for ensuring the burns receive proper treatment. 

  • Scalds

  • Thermal contact

  • Electrical

  • Chemical

  • Fire

  • Radiation

Top Three Causes of Thermal Burns

Thermal burns can occur for many reasons. The Burn and Reconstructive Centers of America treat patients with thermal burns daily. The following are some of the most common causes of these burns. Practicing safety is essential for preventing all thermal burns. 

1. Grilling

According to NFPA (National Fire Prevention Association), around half of thermal burns result from grilling. People should never grill inside. All grills should be placed at a safe distance from homes. Individuals should never leave a grill unattended. All it takes is reading the article “Woman Suffers Thermal Burns in Yellowstone National Park” to realize the dangers of grills. 

2.  Cooking

Cooking is also a source of thermal burns. Even when people practice safe cooking, accidents may happen. Cooks should always keep loose items away from the stovetop. Children and pets should be kept away from stoves and ovens while they are in use. The FDA warns most microwave burns result from overheated or exploding foods or liquids. 

3. Candles

Candles are also dangerous and cause many thermal burns each year. The National Fire Protection Association states around 7,610 house fires occur as a result of improper candle use. Unfortunately, December is the peak month for candle accidents because of their use during the Christmas season. 

How to Treat Thermal Burns

There are four degrees of thermal burns and each one becomes progressively worse on the scale. While first-degree thermal burns can generally be treated at home, second-degree or more severe burns or burns larger than the palm of the hand require immediate treatment. Call 911 if any of the following apply. 

  • There are extensive second-degree burns on the body.

  • There are third or fourth-degree burns, no matter the size.

  • The individual is having difficulty breathing. 

  • There is smoke exposure. 

  • The burn victim is unconscious.

There are different approaches to treatment, depending on the severity of the burn. For minor burns, running the skin under cool water or wrapping it with a chilled compress can help reduce the burn and damage. When in doubt, seek medical treatment immediately for burns that result in blistering or open wounds. 

Thermal burns can become severe and even threaten a person’s life. If a burn occurs, taking immediate action is essential for protecting the health of the victim.

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