Math, play, and friendship are brought together in the new children’s book, “Mate and Rix Escape Boredom”

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Math, play, and friendship are brought together in the new children’s book, “Mate and Rix Escape Boredom”

May 30
16:47 2022
“Mate and Rix Escape Boredom” is a picture storybook that features illustrations and visual models – an engaging way to teach multi-digit addition with regrouping. It drives a deeper connection to mathematical understanding among kids.

Featuring funny illustrations that make math concepts come alive, author Jolie Curran has unveiled “Mate and Rix Escape Boredom,” a new children’s book that combines play, math, and friendship. 

“Mate and Rix Escape Boredom” is a math-based storybook with adorable characters that engage a child’s imagination and teaches a challenging math concept – addition with regrouping,” says Curran. 

The new children’s book, which is only $5, is a picture storybook that helps children build the math skills they need to succeed in this technology-driven world. While parents and educators express the difficulty of teaching double-digit addition with regrouping, “Mate and Rix Escape Boredom” makes it easier through detailed illustrations showing step-by-step how to perform the partial-sum addition algorithm.

Delilah Gonzales, a doctor of education and founder of Emerging Learners Literacy Foundation, described “Mate and Rix Escape Boredom” as “a charming delight.”

“It is the perfect book to springboard mathematical thinking with quality children’s literature,” says Gonzales.

Amy G., a mom of a second-grader, said her daughter is excited to learn about regrouping after reading the children’s book. 

“I can’t wait to share this book. I love how it breaks down the partial sum algorithm in the back,” writes Amy.

Meanwhile, Kristine Terwilliger, a second-grade teacher at the Seaview Elementary School in Edmonds, writes: “Kids find a fun, new way to regroup when adding. Second graders loved it!”

“Using literature to teach mathematics can support and cultivate students’ math confidence in the era of math and science,” according to the article, Using Children’s Literature to Teach Mathematics: An Effective Vehicle in a STEM World by Joseph M. Furner. 

Readers can learn more about “Mate and Rix Escape Boredom” and the author, Jolie Curran, on the site.

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