Fullerton Tree Experts Repairs Property Damage After Tree Removal Project Goes Wrong

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Fullerton Tree Experts Repairs Property Damage After Tree Removal Project Goes Wrong

May 27
20:38 2022


Fullerton, California – On Monday, Fullerton Tree Experts spent the whole day handling tree removal on a client’s landscape. The company was working on trees that had died about six months back. What the company did not understand is that these trees had already decayed from the inside and were on their way to breaking and falling.


“The tree’s outside appearance lied to the company’s team of tree cutting professionals,” said the Fullerton Tree Experts CEO. “The trees looked stable enough. The team approached the tree removal procedure with the notion that the trees could be brought down whole—this, however, turned out to be a big mistake.”

The company’s tree removal team in Fullerton reportedly attached the first tree to a crane to control its falling direction and then embarked on cutting its base. As the company was almost cutting through the tree trunk’s base, the tree reportedly snapped and part of it landed on the fence. This wrecked the concrete wall.

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“Although damage had happened,” said the CEO, “the company’s team onsite learned very quickly. Instead of approaching the other dead trees similarly, the company started cutting the trees down one foot at a time. Using the bucket truck and the crane, the company managed to bring the other 5 trees down without causing further property damage.”

The CEO noted that his company has always taken care of damage caused by its team of tree cutting professionals. Therefore, after wrecking the client’s wall, the company had to organize a repair procedure.

“Customers hire a team of professional tree service providers to avoid property damage,” said the CEO. “It is, for this reason, Fullerton Tree Experts always repairs any damage its team causes. After damaging the client’s wall, the company had to come back and fix the damage.”

Fullerton Tree Experts reportedly visited the client’s landscape earlier today to fix the wall. Working with a team that has years of experience in wall repairs, the company managed to fix the damage, restoring the wall to its previous state.

“Fullerton Tree Experts is never prepared to force homeowners to pay twice,” said the company’s CEO. “If the client had to repair his wall, he would have paid for the tree removal procedure and then he would have had to spend more money on the wall repair.”

The CEO noted that his company is insured. For this reason, when damages occur, the company is always in a position to pay for the necessary repairs.

“Tree maintenance is a risky business,” said the CEO. “The company’s most recent project proved this. It also proved the importance of having an insurance company. Without the insurance support, the company would have needed to pay for the wall repair out of its bank account.”

Reporters contacted the homeowner to understand if he was impressed with the wall repairs. The homeowner, Gerald Kimball, noted that the company exceeded his expectations with the wall repair.

“The family had made a mistake when it failed to initiate the tree removal procedure immediately after learning that the trees were dead,” said Gerald. “Waiting for 6 months before hiring a team of tree cutting professionals in Fullerton resulted in property damage. While the family was prepared to fix the wall damage, Fullerton Tree Experts went ahead and decided to take care of it.”

The homeowner noted that Fullerton Tree Experts worked hard to restore the wall to its previous state. When the homeowner showed the reporters the repair done by Fullerton Tree Experts, the reporters were surprised that they could not tell the part of the wall that had suffered damage previously. The wall reportedly looked perfect.

Fullerton Tree Experts schedules tree maintenance procedures from its base of operation located at 227 W Whiting Ave, Fullerton, CA 92832, United States. The company, however, can be reached by dialing +1 949-755-0774 or sending an email to [email protected]

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