Memphis Tree Service Experts Uses Affordable Prices to Win a Large Tree Trimming Project

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Memphis Tree Service Experts Uses Affordable Prices to Win a Large Tree Trimming Project

May 27
20:16 2022


Memphis, Tennessee – A company that has been working extra hard to ensure property owners in Memphis have access to affordable professional tree services, Memphis Tree Service Experts has won a major tree trimming procedure after competing against more than 10 companies. According to the project owner—Mr. Dennis James—the company won the project because of its extremely affordable tree maintenance cost.


“After being away for too long,” said Dennis when explaining the process he followed when hiring a tree trimming team, “the tres on the landscape grew out of control. By the time the family left Canada after all the business projects were put in place as planned, the trees had grown out of control and turned the family’s home into a wilderness. When the family landed in Memphis, the first project that had to be handled involved finding a good tree trimming team to collaborate with.”

The homeowner noted that cost was one of the main factors his family planned to consider when looking for a tree trimming company.

“The project was quite big since the company that would handle it would end up trimming more than 200 trees surrounding the 6-acre property,” said Dennis. “For this reason, the family wanted a company that wouldn’t charge an extremely high price for each tree. Among all the companies that sent their quotations, Memphis Tree Service Experts just happened to be the cheapest option.”

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Dennis noted that although the cost was one of the factors he was considering, he had to go beyond cost to ensure his trees would get the best care possible. The homeowner did not want to hire an inexperienced team and end up losing his trees or having damaged utility lines.

“The family was also interested in the level of experience that each company had,” said Dennis. “Memphis Tree Service Experts also happened to have the most tree service experience—the company has been handling tree maintenance procedures in Memphis and neighborhoods like Bartlett, Germantown, Arlington, Millington, Collierville, and Lakeland for more than 25 years.”

Dennis reportedly checked online to see the reviews left behind by homeowners who had used Memphis Tree Service Experts. The homeowner was impressed when he realized that the company had an overall rating of 5/5 stars on Google Reviews. Homeowners who had reviewed the company indicated it had helped them improve their trees without causing property damage or damaging trees.

“When the family called Memphis Tree Service Experts to communicate that the family had finally decided to hire its team,” said Dennis, “the company noted that it was more than happy to initiate the tree trimming procedure on the same day—this was last week on Friday. The company has been working on the landscape for the past 3 days.”

Dennis was reportedly impressed with the effort that the Memphis tree trimming team was putting into the project. Even though the company had worked on the landscape for only three days, the company had managed to improve the appearance and health of more than 50 trees.

“While the family was expecting the company’s tree pruning team in Memphis to spend an entire month on the landscape,” said Dennis, “it looks like the company will spend a maximum of 15 days on the landscape working at the current rate. What’s impressive is that the company is not just working to finish the project—its team is working to ensure the family’s trees are healthier and better looking.”

Memphis Tree Service Experts is planning Dennis’s tree trimming project from its base of operation located at 3080 Crump Ave, Memphis, TN 38112, United States. According to the CEO, the company can be contacted at +1 901-441-7899 and [email protected]

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