La Jolla Tree Service Experts Invests In Its First Bucket Truck

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La Jolla Tree Service Experts Invests In Its First Bucket Truck

May 27
19:37 2022


La Jolla, California – A company that has been working extra hard to reduce the money homeowners spend on tree improvement services, La Jolla Tree Service Experts has just finalized its purchase of a new bucket truck. The new bucket truck is set to arrive on the company’s grounds tomorrow. Upon arrival, the bucket will start operating the next day.


“For the longest time,” said the company’s CEO when announcing the purchase of the bucket truck, “La Jolla Tree Service Experts has been relying on manual climbing. While manual climbing has helped the company trim and prune thousands of trees in La Jolla city, it is not the best available option.”

“To begin with,” said the CEO, “manual climbing forces the company’s team of tree pruners and tree trimmers to spend too much time on a single tree. What’s more, this method of accessing the tree crown is costly for the tree owners.”

The CEO noted that the more time his team spends on a single tree, the high the cost of improving the tree. He added that while his company had worked hard to keep its costs within the most affordable range, manual climbing was still forcing his team to charge a higher tree trimming and tree pruning cost.

“The new bucket truck will reduce the time that the team spends on each tree,” said the CEO. “While the team could have taken 15 minutes to reach the crown on a 200-foot tall tree, the bucket truck will be reaching the same crown in seconds. And with the improved support and safety offered by the truck, the company’s tree pruning and trimming teams can work much faster.”

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The CEO noted the fact that the new bucket truck will reduce the time spent on each tree will save homeowners a lot of money.

“By turning tree trimming procedures that took 2 hours to complete into 30-minute procedures,” said the La Jolla Tree Service Experts CEO, “the company will reduce the cost of tree trimming significantly. A procedure that would have set homeowners back $2000 may end up with a $1,000 cost when the bucket truck starts operating.”

The CEO told a group of reporters that his company plans to add more bucket trucks to its inventory and also expand its team of tree-cutting professionals in La Jolla.

“La Jolla Tree Service Experts intends to take on more projects starting next summer,” said the CEO. “To do this, the company will need to have a bigger team and tools that will ensure that no team waits for the other.”

The CEO indicated that his company plans to have at least 2 teams for each major tree maintenance procedure.

“In the past,” said the CEO, “La Jolla Tree Service Experts has received tree trimming requests from multiple clients at the same time. The fact that the company had only one tree trimming team meant that some homeowners had to wait. By having multiple tree trimming teams, the company will be in a position to take care of multiple tree service requests without having to force some customers to wait.”

“However,” said the CEO, “for this to work, each team will need its tools. Therefore, if the company will have 4 tree pruning teams, it will need 4 bucket trucks. This is why purchasing more tools sounds like a good idea.”

La Jolla Tree Service Experts has its offices at 850 Prospect St, La Jolla, CA 92037, United States. The company, however, can be contacted at +1 619-566-1863 and [email protected]

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