Austin Tree Services Buys a New Crane to Make Tree Removals Safer

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Austin Tree Services Buys a New Crane to Make Tree Removals Safer

May 27
18:52 2022


Austin, Texas – When the number of homeowners requesting emergency tree removals from Austin Tree Services started increasing, the company realized that it had no choice but to invest in a crane. According to the company’s CEO, the goal of purchasing the new machine was to ensure its team of tree cutting professionals in Austin had access to a tool that would help with controlling the falling direction of trees.


“Trees are capable of causing damages worth thousands of dollars,” said the Austin Tree Services CEO. “For example, if a 150-foot white pine lands on a house roof, the tree can bring the entire house down, leaving the homeowner with thousands to spend on repairs. For this reason, when handling emergency tree removals next to utilities, the company has always had to work extra hard to reduce the risk of property damage.”

The CEO indicated that in the past, his company has had to cut down trees foot by foot from the top. This was made necessary by the fact that if he allowed the full tree to fall, it would have caused a lot of damage to the neighboring utilities.

“While cutting the trees one foot at a time from the top has always worked,” said the CEO, “the problem is that the entire process takes too much time. A tree that would take an hour if cut at the base can easily take the whole day when removed one foot at a time. This has often forced the company to charge higher tree removal prices.”

The CEO noted that even though his company has charged a higher price to homeowners with risky trees, none of them had complained before. The homeowners were reportedly happy considering that Austin Tree Services took all the necessary steps to ensure safety. The CEO, however, added that his company wanted to ensure all its tree services were more affordable.

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“In the past,” said the CEO, “the company has come across homeowners who turned to DIY tree service procedures when they determined professional tree services were unaffordable. The DIY tree service procedures almost always resulted in property damage and a lot of losses. Austin Tree Services is planning to help homeowners avoid these common losses.”

The CEO noted that investing in the crane was part of lowering the cost of tree service procedures in Austin and neighborhoods like Round Rock, Pflugerville, Leander, Shady Hollow, Wells Branch, Brushy Creek, Lakeway, and Cedar Park.

“With the new crane,” said the CEO, “the company’s team of tree cutting professionals in Austin will have an easier time when working on complicated trees. This will mean a reduced tree removal time. When the company spends less time on the tree service procedures, the result will be lower tree maintenance cost.”

“Now,” added the CEO, “instead of relying on human energy to lower down risky trees, the company will be using the new crane to control the falling direction of trees. The fact that the crane can handle the heaviest trees means that the risk of failing to handle the tree removal procedure the way it should be handled will be very low. The new crane will ensure maximum safety for the company’s commercial and residential property owners.”

Austin Tree Services indicates that customers who need tree removal services can always visit the company’s offices at 5555 N Lamar Blvd #111, Austin, TX 78751, United States. The company can also be contacted at +1 512-982-4843 and [email protected]

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