ALP Heating Draws Up Winter Checklist for Ontario Residents

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ALP Heating Draws Up Winter Checklist for Ontario Residents

September 07
14:42 2020
ALP Heating have revealed their top five tips to homeowners in Ontario to ensure their residences are ready for the first cold spell.

With temperatures still a pleasant 22 degrees or more, most households in Canada won’t even contemplate the winter yet. But heating experts ALP Heating have launched a special check list to ensure locals prep their homes for winter in good time.

ALP Heating have revealed their top five tips to homeowners in Ontario to ensure their residences are ready for the first cold spell.

A spokesperson from ALP Heating said: “Homes in Canada have to endure heats of plus 30 degrees in the summer and minus 30 in the winter. The variations in temperature can impact heating systems, chimneys, pipes, guttering, brick work, windows and drains all around the home. It is checks and maintenance work on all of these systems that will make sure residents survive the winter unscathed and without big repair bills.

  1. Some air conditioning units are also heating systems. As the A/C takes a hammering during the summer months, it is crucial they are professionally checked and serviced in advance of the winter months. The last thing homeowners need is to be left without heating in freezing temperatures.
  2. If you have a furnace, it has probably been made redundant during the summer months. The filters should be changed on a monthly basis, but if you are not using it, then this job can slip off the ‘to do’ list. It is also a good time to get the vents and ducts cleaned to ensure the warm air can flow through easily.
  3. Get someone to inspect your fireplace and chimney to ensure it is clean and safe and ready to use when the snow starts falling.
  4. Chat to your local heating experts about energy efficient heating systems. If you know your heating system is on its way out, then this is the time of year to think about getting it replaced so you are not left in the lurch when the weather changes. And, on top of that, you will be reducing your family’s carbon footprint.
  5. A good quality heating, ventilation and air conditioning system (HVAC) can transform the quality of the air in a family’s home, which has been found to be worse than the quality of air outdoors. HVAC systems can also extract excess moisture from the air that can impact people with breathing difficulties. Excess moisture in the air can also encourage the growth of mold or mildew in homes.

The spokesman from ALP Heating added: “Smart HVAC systems are becoming very popular among families who all have different temperature needs. Because we all have different tolerance levels for the heat and cold, a smart system allows different rooms to be tailored for different family members. This is definitely something for residents to consider if they are looking to tweak or change their heating systems this winter. It is a great investment for both the winter and summer months.”

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