AMP Therapy Rises To The Challenge During COVID-19

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AMP Therapy Rises To The Challenge During COVID-19

September 07
14:51 2020
AMP Therapy Rises To The Challenge During COVID-19
AMP, a pediatric therapy company providing services to special needs children soars during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated economic growth causing numerous small businesses to shut down, skyrocketing unemployment rates. Few businesses have seen growth during these times, yet AMP; a pediatric therapy company, has managed to soar to the top, growing exponentially while maintaining their motto of kindness, knowledge, and reliability.

As a minority owned company, AMP serves as a beacon of hope in its community. In 2014, AMP began with one woman, Alexandra Perez, who with her husband, Alex Perez, concluded that the business of pediatric therapy was in need of some major TLC, for patients and therapists alike. Alexandra worked for companies where she felt insignificant, neither her financial nor emotional needs were being met. Her husband encouraged her to take her knowledge in this field further. With 20 years of experience, she felt ready to step into the business world to create change. Alexandra and Alex implemented love and unity into their new business. Their first employee, Jennifer, a stay at home mother of one of their patients was given the opportunity to work for the company from home. By their second year, AMP had 80 employees. Their humble company of one had grown faster than ever imagined.

The ability to foresee a need and provide a solution is a key factor for success in business. Alexander Perez; CEO of AMP, claims their success in 2020 is due to “luck” and preparation, but it can also be attributed to remarkable business sense and intuition. In 2019, Alexander came to the conclusion that the use of telemedicine services would be beneficial to parents who may not be ready to receive a therapist in their home. Wanting to provide his patients with every comfort possible, Alex quickly got to work setting up TeleMed services within his company.

With the infrastructure for telemedicine already established, AMP was prepared for all the obstacles caused by the pandemic. AMP provided services without a glitch, promising reliability while taking on many more patients. AMP has now grown to 150 employees with an expectation of 300 by the end of the year. At the onset of the pandemic, AMP employed therapists who were no longer able to work corporate hospital jobs they had previously occupied for 20 years.

Throughout the pandemic, AMP’s services were 95% TeleMed and 5% in person, they are now 80% in person and 20% TeleMed. Their goal is to perform 100% in person during regular operations while being fully prepared to go 100% TeleMed during any future emergencies. This company is showing extraordinary growth, their efforts to rise through the pandemic while maintaining the integrity of their company can serve as a model for businesses of the post pandemic era.

Written by Nancy Dassy.

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