Jie Fischer: A Distinguished Wildlife Photographer in USA

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Jie Fischer: A Distinguished Wildlife Photographer in USA

September 02
15:12 2020

Whether in the dusty haze of a stampede waiting for the singular moment a wildebeest bursts forth from the herd or quietly observing an intimate exchange between a monkey cradling her child, Jie Fischer, manages to capture the essence and life of these ephemeral moments. Because of Fischer’s love of photography and nature, she has traveled to five continents including Africa (Kenya, South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Botswana) and 50 countries, plus the North and South poles, in the past 5 years. She has shot many breath-taking images and gained recognition through numerous international solon photo contests. In 2020 alone, she received seventeen gold medals in addition to many ribbons and certificates from various national and international photo competitions, including USA and countries like Italy, Hong Kong, Switzerland.

She is a Photographic Society of America Fellow (PPSA), a title only granted to members with a high degree of achievement in photography and great contribution to the Society. She is also a member of the Federation of Photographic Art (FIAP), a European based photographic society comprised of over one million members of photographers.

Her love of photography was inspired by her beloved father.  He was a physical education teacher in China. He taught her basic black and white darkroom skills and wilderness survival techniques. This training greatly prepared Fischer for the photographic journeys she has embarked on.

From Africa to the Arctic, Fischer’s unique perspective, and a keen eye for fleeting glimpses of animal connections have enabled her to photograph everything from the most magnificent migratory scenes to the family dynamics of animals. Being at the right place at the right time requires months of planning, patience, and fortitude in the face of obstacles. In one incident, when she had traveled to Kenya, her Jeep got stuck in the mud, while a pride of lions, a mere 15 feet away, encircled her vehicle. Thankfully she was protected by a Maasai guide. She also notes that having steady hands are needed, an attribute she has honed, while hanging out of a helicopter, to capture the beautiful aerial patterns of flocks of birds gliding across the marbled wetlands.

Fischer believes that becoming a good photographer requires technical skills and a deep love of your subject, which in turn fuels your courage, patience, and determination to capture the most unique and moving images. When she is not competing, she is actively visiting art galleries and museums and researching wildlife behavior and endangered species. She has provided valuable insight into the lives of her subjects in their natural environments and highlights the plight of these disappearing treasures. Fischer hopes that through an exhibition of her images, she can raise awareness of the importance of conservation and compassion for wildlife.

More images of her work can be found at https://gallery.1x.com/member/jie

1) “Jie Fischer, Wildlife Photographer” (Kenya)

2) “Great Blue Heron” (Hungary)

3) “Penguin” (Antarctica)

4) “Mother and Son” (Nagano, Japan)

5) “Cheetah Family” (Kenya)

6) ”Big Migration” (Kenya)

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