Holala-Online Provided Netizens With An Opportunity To Increase Income During the Covid-19 Outbreak

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Holala-Online Provided Netizens With An Opportunity To Increase Income During the Covid-19 Outbreak

August 26
09:46 2020

As of April 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic has manifested in nearly every part of the world. Potentially fatal for anyone, especially the elderly or for those individuals with pre-existing health conditions, it has become more and more serious with each passing day as the “curve steepens”. Many people from many countries are self-isolating, entire cities in some of the most populous regions of the world are on lock-down and the entire global economy is being adversely affected and hit like a table of dominos. Furthermore, the world’s stock markets and currency markets are in turmoil.

All of this, and more, is adversely impacting people’s livelihoods, where some of the harder hit regions are experiencing major difficulties, and others are being pushed further to the brink of social unrest. Many large companies have closed down, the tourism industry has suffered a near total loss and people are facing unprecedented employment problems. Governments, too busy trying their best to face and fight the menacing virus, have no cure and little means to help people avert the risks they are facing. In a moment when consequences of poor decisions, and biased decisions, can permeate virtually every aspect of global society, many are touting that the profound economic effects of the lockdowns and actions intended to contain the COVID-19 pandemic will end up doing even greater damage in the long-run.

When asked about this, Jim Bowman, the founder of HOLALA INTERNATIONAL LIMITED, also known as HOLALA Online, said passionately: “This is an economic crisis that is inevitable for all mankind and it’s going to be a great test for all of us. We have to win, and must win. There is no other way!”

He went on to say: “This proves that my philosophy is correct, and it was also the original intention and reason why I had painstakingly founded HOLALA. Humans need a business that can resist economic recession, but what I can see now, except HOLALA, I couldn’t find anything else…”

While many industries and businesses are bearing the brunt of the pandemic, global e-commerce and online shopping is bucking the trend and growing rapidly. The turnovers continue to rise, which is very worthy of our attention. When the governments of various countries implement policies of lockdown or social isolation, people are then forced to stay at home, virtually all normal lifestyle and working activities cease, save a few that deemed “essential” and other projects that depend on the Internet. Besides working from home and daily entertainment, people are spending their time and money shopping online for necessities and food.

Prior to the pandemic, online shopping was indeed preferred and enjoyed by many, for some becoming a habit, nevertheless, many were also inclined to enjoy shopping at extravagant malls and retail stores. But all of this has completely changed. A significant portion of perishable goods and other supplies for grocery stores and markets have suddenly changed from offline transactions to online supply, which is no longer the O2O nature of the past. Furthermore, because most government officials have chosen to close down crowded shopping malls and supermarkets, a customer base that was not B2B or B2C completely has now become almost entirely B2C, resulting in short-term rapid growth (as much as 500% in some cases). In addition to the above, education, medical care, etc., have also changed from the original model to online operation. In other words, the pandemic is an accelerator for Internet 2.0!

The e-commerce platform is originally a three-party combination: integrating suppliers, platforms and e-commerce merchants. Although the occurrence of the pandemic has vastly changed people’s lifestyles, there hasn’t been much change in the common operations of the e-commerce industry. When suppliers cannot provide products to offline physical stores as usual, they will naturally sell their products to e-commerce merchants at reduced price, which would inevitably increase the inventory of the e-commerce merchants. In order for the e-commerce merchant to stand out in this “never let a crisis go to waste” situation, a fierce online competition was triggered.

Innovation happens from the side-lines. With intent to identify these problems and convert them to opportunities, HOLALA was introduced to the market with high expectations. By using its own proprietary technology to seamlessly connect with merchants from the world’s leading e-commerce platforms, HOLALA is changing the widely-held perception that: online shopping platforms are only a place where people go to spend their money. When HOLALA launched its trial in Europe and the United States in 2015, it was deemed by some as controversial. HOLALA’s “Swipe for Wealth” was a concept that some people were unable to understand and accept. As such, and after continued research and development, HOLALA has completely eradicated unrealistic order swipe options by re- inventing its swiping technology.

The first ever Order Swiping was conducted whereby the e-commerce merchants paid people outright to swipe their own orders. There is a huge difference between old and antiquated ideas of order swiping compared to the technologically advanced swiping that HOLALA is doing today. To put it simply, for HOLALA, “Swipe” is just a word used to describe one of its e-commerce platform services, which is designed to increase e-commerce traffic and product exposure while letting the competent people, “HOLALA Shoppers,” serve as the catalyst.

Why did HOLALA develop a cloud-based intelligent order matching engine? Why should HOLALA implement big data scientific computing? In essence, these technological innovations were needed to symmetricalise the product information of every e-commerce merchant and its members while avoiding duplication of information stacking. Additionally, it allows HOLALA to platformize and build an integrated and scalable solution complete with user interface, membership accounts, control panels, payment gateway tie-in, etc. Currently, members must deposit their own Swipe credits. The Swipe orders received by Members are distributed automatically by the system. And furthermore, members must abide by HOLALA’s regulations. Take a look around the world, and you will see that HOLALA is the only global online platform of its kind!

Today, HOLALA is expanding and scaling globally. The primary goal is to provide more than one million job opportunities during and after the pandemic, to those who are willing to join HOLALA. Jim Bowman said: “On the one hand, in addition to assisting global e-commerce merchants to expand their business, we also hope to assist those people who have lost their employment or career because of this pandemic. We wanted to ensure that they can continue to survive. For HOLALA, the epidemic is controllable and the threat is always limited; but compared to the economic crisis caused by the epidemic, people have to face a catastrophe, a big storm with no time limit. At that time, people may be greatly affected by the loss of income, which is what HOLALA is really concerned about!”

Having completed successful test beds in a few online marketplaces, HOLALA, with its clear goals backed by its technological innovations and incredible team, is being introduced to more and more countries in the world, and expected to benefit more and more people, with the ultimate goal of creating a platform and online community that is unparalleled in the global marketplace.

“We intend to actively develop a global business layout that will enable all of our members to rely on it as a career path, after we have successfully introduced HOLALA to every corner of the world. We called it the HOLALA Global Shopper Community. This is going to be the best feat in human history!” Jim Bowman shared his dreams with confidence.

Let’s stay tuned and see just how HOLALA is going to bring continuous wealth to everybody!

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