Commercial Cleaning Businesses Use Electrostatic Sprayers On The Job

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Commercial Cleaning Businesses Use Electrostatic Sprayers On The Job

August 26
09:14 2020
Commercial Cleaning Businesses Use Electrostatic Sprayers On The Job

Commercial cleaning is often a difficult type of work, but there are ways of making it easier. Leading commercial cleaning companies in South Florida almost always invest in equipment that makes them more capable and efficient that benefits their customers in many ways, regardless of the technology to be employed. Some types of commercial cleaning equipment, however, has proved to be even more impressive than others. As one of South Florida’s most successful commercial cleaning companies, AK Building Services is never content with business as usual.

A Top Commercial Cleaning Company Finds New Ways to Excel

Excelling at this difficult and important type of work requires always looking for ways to improve upon the status quo. One of the most reliable ways to do so is staying up-to-date about the latest technological developments in the field to always be aware of the related opportunities. As a look at the company’s homepage at will reveal, it has the certifications and endorsements required to work on especially demanding cleaning projects. 

Electrostatic Technology Makes a Difference

Whether a single surface needs to be decontaminated or an entire building wiped clean of pathogens, having access to the right equipment will always be key. Conventional cleaning tools are not often up to the task of ridding targeted areas of potentially deadly microbes and the like. Fortunately, commercial cleaning specialists like the one described above now have access to equipment that excels in every relevant respect.

The attractive forces that electrically charged particles carry have been used in many interesting ways in industry. Pigmented powders are often applied using electrostatic force, for instance, to create especially durable, consistent protective coatings. More recently, tools that make use of electrostatic mechanisms have been allowing commercial cleaning companies to deliver unprecedented levels of service.

A conventional cleaning system relies on forces like surface tension to ensure that detergents and the like will work as intended. Unfortunately, that puts built-in limits on just how thoroughly such a piece of equipment can clean and disinfect an area. Small crevices and nooks that escape disinfection because of this can still harbor vast numbers of bacteria, viruses, and other undesirable contents.

Electrostatic sprayers atomize cleaning products and apply tiny charges to each of the minuscule droplets. Endowed with the ability to seek out and flock to distant surfaces, these payloads become able to work themselves into the finest cracks and holes. That ultimately means becoming able to disinfect commercial buildings far more thoroughly than would be possible without this technology.

Cleaning companies in South Florida that adopt such advanced systems end up serving their customers in truly admirable ways. Advances like those that have created electrostatic sprayers are making commercial cleaning companies more capable than ever. That will always be good news, but particularly so at times when such services are more important than usual. Organizations that get in touch using the contact details found at will be provided with a high level of service as expected. Consistently living up to, and exceeding such expectations, takes a lot more than a routine or mechanical approach to the commercial cleaning business.

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