New research by Dr. Yossi Maaravi from IDC: Ideation in the digital age

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New research by Dr. Yossi Maaravi from IDC: Ideation in the digital age

August 25
03:14 2020
How are we supposed to be creative in times of social distancing and worldwide pandemics? Is physical distance a barrier to collective idea generation and brainstorming? “Technology to the rescue!”, a new review of the electronic brainstorming by Dr. Yossi Maaravi and Mr. Ben Heller.

A thorough, comprehensive, and elaborate systematic literature review by Dr. Yossi Maaravi and Mr. Ben Heller sheds light on the fascinating idea-generation solution to the physical distancing and long-distance hurdles we face in the year 2020.

Organizations are starting to adopt new approaches to increase creativity and collect unique ideas from people, both from within and without. Employees can help to improve business performance by generating innovative ideas as building blocks for new and better products, services, and work processes. In this review, the authors have examined the development and use of various brainstorming techniques, mainly electronic brainstorming, for stimulating the spontaneous generation of ideas. Brainstorming, done properly, should enable a relaxed and judgment-free atmosphere, minimizing criticism and encouraging a flow of ideas and thus increasing creativity. Nominal brainstorming opened the door to the advantages of anonymity and working individually, with the decision-making process occurring only later on.

The current article focused on the third type of brainstorming technique, namely, Electronic brainstorming. In comparison to the traditional and nominal brainstorming techniques, Electronic brainstorming is considered a more effective approach as it allows teams and organizations to combine the advantages of working alone with the benefits of team collaboration and potential cross-fertilization. Given the omnipresent use of computing technology in today’s modern organizations and the recent Covid-19 pandemic which shut whole communities off in their own homes, it is not surprising that organizations and individuals alike consider communication via computer to be more effective in terms of boundary removal and group collaboration.

The efficient use of time, decreased psychological and social impediments, positive social comparisons, and improved knowledge management offered by Electronic brainstorming are all reasons why organizations and teams should look toward this methodology as the most effective and efficient modern-day ideation tool – with the guidelines offered in this practical article being the first step in doing so.

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