What Luis Did To Change His Life

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What Luis Did To Change His Life

August 24
22:06 2020
What Luis Did To Change His Life

23-year-old Luis Maria San Cristobal is your average student studying Computer Science by day and mastering every video game he played by night. Luis couldn’t help but feel bored spending every day learning about algorithms and formulas. He was capable of doing something much more entertaining with his time.

Luis is an outgoing student who could chat everyone’s ear off about the latest video game he was playing. People loved to listen to. He has a captivating way of engaging his audience with the game. It didn’t take Luis very long to realize the classroom he spent every day in was also filled with League of Legends fans. Many kids nicknamed this game, based on an RPG, LOL.

This gave Luis an idea that changed his life. He was a natural-born entertainer and his biggest passion in life was video games. If he put these two skills together he could help gamers all over the world reach their goals.

Luis came up with the idea for Denguee and started his own Twitch account to begin streaming his games. Gamers that need advice and want to learn about the best methods of beating their favorite games have tuned it to hear what Luis has to say.

It didn’t take very long for Luis to build up a solid audience. People loved streaming what he was playing because of his outgoing personality and natural sense of humor. Even gamers who weren’t looking for any tips enjoyed tuning in to watch Luis on Twitch.

Denguee has a solid fanbase worldwide that is known as DNG Team. This community is made up of young people and adolescents from all over that share the same love of the game. Luis has provided a community where they can have fun and express themselves without feeling judged. 

Luis uses his influence among young fans to inspire a positive gaming experience. He wants them to enjoy their time online, feel safe, and learn new tips to beat their favorite games. He has done an amazing job creating the DNG Team and every member has benefited from his advice. Kids also love the way he explains new tips and techniques for playing.

There is always something new and exciting happening with the DNG Team. To learn more about what Luis is doing with Dengue, stop by his Instagram page and hit follow: https://instagram.com/chino.sc/

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