New meditational guide helps relieve epidemic of COVID-19-related anxiety and depression

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New meditational guide helps relieve epidemic of COVID-19-related anxiety and depression

August 21
15:03 2020

Kowloon, Hong Kong – August 21, 2020 – 41%. That’s the stark percentage released by the Centres for Disease Control survey on the number of Americans struggling with their mental health as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Americans across the country are reporting high levels of anxiety and depression. Many of those suffering are turning to harmful coping mechanisms. Help is available. Several scientifically rigorous studies have proven the efficacy of mindfulness and meditation in order to relieve stress, organize thoughts in a more positive way, and bring a sense of lasting relief throughout the day. One company has created an innovative and easy to use tool to help those who are just starting to use mindfulness and meditation in their lives.

Mindnap is a portable meditation coach. Combined with an app, which guides users through proven breathing and vibration-guided meditation courses, which range from short to longer duration, users can easily learn to enter into a deep meditative state. When using the device, the built-in bio-signal sensor will measure a user’s meditational status. Once a user has finished meditating, Mindnap provides the user with visual feedback of their meditative session through the app.

What sets Mindnap apart from other meditational aids is the flexibility and availability of options in both the physical tool and on the app. Users can engage in virtually silent breathing exercises thanks to the device’s built-in vibration training. This allows users to practice their breathing techniques and to relax their mind and body even while they are at work, in the office or standing in line. For users who want a more holistic view of their meditational practices, the device can be connected wirelessly to their phone. Once launched, the app will silently record the user’s meditational data. 

After a period of use, the Mindnap app will develop a meditation training plan designed specifically for the individual user, taking into account their meditation data and current meditation level to help them learn to meditate in a deeper and more meaningful way. The app, personalized recommendations and courses are designed for real life and help users of all ages to achieve greater positivity in their thought processes and reduce stress, depression and anxiety.

“Before, when I was meditating without the device, I wouldn’t care if I kept my breathing rhythm,” explains Vanessa. “Mindnap’s vibration guidance can make me breathe more attentively and calm my mind down faster. I love that after I meditate, Mindnap has a feature that allows me to understand my performance during meditation and gives me things I can work on to achieve a deeper meditation session the next time.”

For Gemma, Mindnap’s quiet feedback was important. “It feels different from sound guidance meditation. Vibration guidance allows me to meditate more attentively without distraction. I can choose not to connect to the mobile phone, just press the switch on the device to start breathing guidance, which is very suitable for me to use in the office.”

Mindnap is in the crowdfunding stage. The Kickstarter campaign is schedule to launch in early October. The Mindnap team will conduct a pre-launch event on Kickstarter in early September 2020. By pre-registering their interest via email during the event period, supporters of Mindnap can get up to a 40% discount for a limited time.

For more information about Mindnap and the crowdfunding campaign, please visit or on Facebook at

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