Now On Kickstarter, Island of the Unicorn, A Fun, Engaging Mythical Web Series

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Now On Kickstarter, Island of the Unicorn, A Fun, Engaging Mythical Web Series

August 21
06:01 2020
Now seeking community support via Kickstarter, the pilot episode for Island of the Unicorn, a new animated web series!

Juliette Elton, an animator and illustrator, has announced her new web series, Island of the Unicorn, on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. A project soon coming worldwide, Island of the Unicorn is the product of more than a decade of creativity and imagination, which saw Juliette motivated to make her dreams of story creation a reality. Drawing inspiration from the success of popular shows like Hazbin Hotel, her newly announced Kickstarter campaign will help fund the development and release of the Island of the Unicorn pilot episode.

Set on a small island in the Bermuda Triangle where ships and strange things often wash ashore, Island of the Unicorn takes viewers into a world with many animals and mystical creatures.  From Bob, the only unicorn in existence, to dragons, kappas, and other creatures of differing mythologies, viewers follow adventures as a strange storm washes a young girl to shore, where she is discovered by Bob and his friends.  Showcasing a typical day in the life on the island, Island of the Unicorn has a rich, immersive storyline as viewers see the young girl try to make it back to her family.  

Rich in themes of friendship, creativity, and overcoming struggles, Island of the Unicorn will resonate with viewers worldwide and encourage people to learn more about mythical creatures and beliefs with fun, exciting twists. With development underway, the Kickstarter campaign will fund continued development with animations and voiceovers.

To support the project, please visit the Kickstarter campaign here:

Funds raised from the campaign will be used to directly support the Island of the Unicorn pilot episode, including associated production and development costs. For a limited time, support the project for as little as $1 to get a virtual thank-you, or pledge $25 or more to get early access to the finished episode. Other reward options, including credit mentions and signed posters, are also available for a limited time.


Island of the Unicorn is a new animated web series by Juliette Elton, an animator and illustrator from Holland, Michigan. With a lifelong passion for mythical creatures and animals, Juliette is excited to announce the Island of the Unicorn pilot episode on Kickstarter.

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