One-on-One Counseling Can Help Focus Life and Relieve Mental Health Issues, Says Erik Bouaziz

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One-on-One Counseling Can Help Focus Life and Relieve Mental Health Issues, Says Erik Bouaziz

August 21
04:48 2020

Mental health issues can strike at any time.  There are many individuals that go undiagnosed because of the stigma which surrounds mental health issues.  Times now globally are more stressful than ever as many individuals have lost their jobs or are awaiting callbacks by their employers.  This does exacerbate any psychological or emotional issues including anxiety.  Panic attacks can set in as well as depression.  Only a qualified counselor such as Erik Bouaziz can help during times like these.  Many times individuals hide their mental or emotional difficulties as not only does stigma occur but even discrimination.  Other individuals do not understand that mental illness is a disease and not the “fault” of the afflicted individual. Neurons in the brain are impacted and this is a very real disease. 

Issues concerning job losses within the global community can affect individuals in many ways.

Some individuals become so stressed out about their failing finances due to job loss, they find themselves turning to every opportunity they find, and joining all types of online programs to generate some type of money.  This becomes a vicious cycle as most of these programs take money to start and need money and time to keep running.  Individuals jump quickly from one program to make money to another and become what is known as serial entrepreneurs.  This simply means that they join only to make money quickly and then turn to another program immediately once this does not happen.  They are too emotional and stressed out to focus and research a program that they can afford and enjoy.  They just jump from one program to another thereby never staying with any program long enough to enjoy an income from it.

One-on-One counseling can alleviate many types of mental health and emotional problems. 

There really is no need to struggle alone and in emotional pain.  Erik Bouaziz stands ready to assist in all types of mental and emotional problems.  Trying to cope alone only exacerbates problems.  It leads to more stress and more anxiety and can lead a person to become seriously depressed.  Depression is a serious issue and impacts everything in a person’s life, from family relationships, to job performance and even the ability to complete simple daily chores.  If left unchecked, depression does worsen.  It hardly ever goes away on its own.  Assistance is needed to combat it and one-on-one counseling is one of the best ways to fight mental health issues and depression.  Do not suffer in silence when there is help available.

About Erik Bouaziz

Erik Bouaziz is a seasoned one-on-one counselor who seeks to assist in all types of mental health and emotional problems.  Hours are flexible and remote counseling is available.  Individuals are under stress now and need help to focus and avoid anxiety and depression.  Contact Erik via phone or email and focus your life and alleviate stress and anxiety and prevent depression.  Do not allow mental health issues to ruin your life when help through Erik Bouaziz is readily available.   He also specializes in preventing serial entrepreneurship. 

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